Yikes! I need help with judging goats

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    Aug 13, 2007
    The superintendent of our local agricultural fair phoned me last night to ask if I would judge a small dairy goat youth class in a few days. Because we had dairy goats 25 years ago when our daughters were small (and, I suspect, because she wasn't able to find another judge), she thought I would be a good choice. I asked her to look for someone else as I really don't feel qualified, but I'm thinking she won't look very far. Anyway, most judges won't travel far to judge just a few animals. If I do end up pressed into service, I'd like to be as fair to the kids (human & goat) as possible. Does anyone know of good reference material I can use to study (more like cram) for this event? Thanks!
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    lucky you

    I know nothing of goats. I showed sheep & pigs in school and had a pet nanny goat.

    What age group? Will they be judging by "standard for the breed"? for handle-ability, grooming, etc?

    Good luck, I wish I had some advice or could be more help
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    You may want to retitle this about goats...
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    Aug 13, 2007
    Thanks for the responses. I will be judging showmanship which isn't so difficult as I've watched countless shows involving our kids and many, many nieces and nephews show in youth showmanship classes. My difficulty will be in the conformation classes--the difference between a good goat and a bad one physically speaking. That is where I'm uncomfortable. Any ideas would certainly be appreciated. Well, I can always hope that someone more qualified will be located. It shouldn't be hard--the more qualified part, I mean.
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    The ADGA website has all the judging rules.

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