Yippppeee they are hatching!!! One final newbie question....


9 Years
Jun 24, 2010
Okay, it is now day (gulp) 23, but they are hatching! I had several even hatch in front of my classroom. Note to teachers trying this for the first time....it makes for a very wild day!!! My little new babies are healthy and happy and so precious. Thanks to all of you who walked me through this process and answered all my newbie questions! I do have one more question.....When do I give up and get rid of the eggs that do not hatch? I want to give them every chance to hatch, but I also do not want a stink bomb situation. Thanks again for the help!
If they hatched that late, odds are tremendously high the average incubating temperature was low. If you build up the courage to try it again with that incubator, I'd suggest trying to raise the incubating temperature by a half a degree.

I'm not sure how I know the hatch is over. Somehow I just know. As late as yours are, I guess if you go 24 hours without any fresh activity, you can call it over. I've had some hatches completely over within 18 hours of starting. Others drag on for over two full days.

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