yolk coming back out!?!?!

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    Jun 1, 2008
    I had a chick hatch a little while ago, looked absolutely fine. I went back to look for more pips/hatches and saw yolk everywhere. I was looking to see if maybe a chick fell in between the cartons? Nope, only the one. When I saw it earlier it looked fine, I could see the umbilicus was slighty open but I have seen that many times before and they close themselves. It seems the yolk sac is coming back out, some seemed broken and now the part that is out looks to still be encased, it is about the size of a quarter right now. Any chance this one will pull through? I have never had anything come back out after they hatch....temps are fine, have a digital and all the other chicks are fine also......
    I was thinking of waiting and letting it rest. I am hoping the hole closes up and then I will try feeding it some yolk?
    Help??? [​IMG]

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