Yolk Sack Problems- do I cull? Really need advice!

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  1. crisisfarm2

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    Mar 28, 2015
    Hanna City
    This is our fourth hatch, so we are not newbies, but it has also been one of the worst for problems. We had a chick born with the yolk sack sticking partially out of its body. Not on a cord or anything, but stretching open the belly area. We put the chick in a cup in the incubator until we could figure out what to do. I looked on here and people said to bandage the area up and see if it would reabsorb. When we lifted her out of the cup, her foot caught the sack and it burst. There was lots of yolk and a fair amount of blood. We still "diapered" her with some gauze and stuck her back in the incubator. It is a couple of hours later. She is still responsive. She had turned on her side so I flipped her over to check on her and she is still leaking yolk and a bit of blood onto the paper towel she is laying on. Am I just delaying the horrible inevitable end for her? Should I be merciful and end it or does she have a chance to recover? Advice would be great. We are really upset about this, but I don't want her to suffer if the end will be the same. We haven't ever had to cull a chick before. This is really hard.
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    May 18, 2018
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    I know it's been a long time. I am curious though and what happened with you chick. We have one in the exact same scenario right now. Thanks in advance.

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