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  1. Hey guys. Name is Andrew. I'm here to brainstorm. I'm a city slicker wanna be homesteader that likes to acquire as many skills as I can and am addicted to gleaning information from as many people doing the same thing as me possible. One of those skills involves animal husbandry.

    I'm not new to chickens but there is always room for novel nuggets of wisdom and I hope I can extract some from you all and also share my own experience with different topics. I've been a creeper on BYC but never bothered joining. I just decided to right now randomly lol

    I've tried a few heritage breed birds. The Bielefelder, Cornish Cross, Rhode Island Red and now Icelandics. I love the Icelandics and have had them for 5 years now. I completely free range on 50 acres of land. I've found them to be a wiley breed with an 8 foot vertical and are very good at predator evasion. I select for about 20% broody when I breed them. They hatch out chicks very well and they defy certain advice that says to not have them in a mobile coop during hatch out. I can move the coop everyday and they still hatch out the babies fine.

    I built the Eliot Coleman style " Chickshaw " rickshaw style mobile coop. In the winter I have them in a 12 by 20 greenhouse I built from salvaged metal roofing and solexx. I just bought stock chain link fence posts and made a frame. I dug a drainage trench around it so I could leave it bare dirt because it works well with the deep litter method I use. Works like a charm.

    Anyway that's all I can think of to say right now. 5.JPG baby chicks July 2017 001.JPG 1980-01-01 00.01.43-1.jpg 0226191714.jpg 0414161934 - Copy.jpg chicks and strawberries 016.JPG downsized_0708170940a.jpg downsized_0805171916.jpg ducklings hatched July 17, 2018  first photo on the 18th 007.JPG Picture 36.jpg IMG_20151226_131657.jpg
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    Hello Andrew and welcome to BYC. I hope that you enjoy your time here.

    This is a useful link to take a look at - “How to...” guides. You may wish to consider including your location under your avatar (using the guide in the link above). You can use this link to contact members in your area - U.S. States

    Best wishes

    Pork Pie
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    Central Virginia
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    Hi! :frow Welcome to BYC!
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    Hello, Andrew, and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
    Nice tractor.
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    Hello, and welcome! Glad that you joined! I'm glad that you have settled on a breed that you like. Good luck with them!
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    Hello there and welcome to BYC! :frow

    The UP of Michigan is gorgeous! I hope to get back up there one day. Very nice intro and pics!! :)
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    Well it’s about time you joined us! Welcome!! Now you have me curious about the icelandic breed. I must do some research and see what I’m missing :wee

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