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Apr 16, 2011
Why does it have to be the sweetest, most personable out of the group?

Purchased from a feed store (but not TSC), supposedly hatched 4/25. White Wyandotte. Sold as a pullet, but I'm having doubts. Loves to cuddle. darn it!!











So, what do you say, is it Al or Ally?
Well, I didn't want to say because I didn't want to bias the answers (actually, I didn't want people to agree with me.) The red flags are mostly by comparison to his sister, Peep, purchased at the same location, same breed (and my only two Wyandottes.)

- they both have the same amount and color of comb (that is to say, none.)
- however, Al has just a little more thickness around the jawline that looks like wattles developing, or at least developing faster than Peep's.
- Al's legs are thicker and brighter yellow than Peep's.
- when they feathered out, Peep got fully fluffy right away. Al, on the other hand, feathered out more slowly and had gaps for longer, especially *gulp* on his back, between his shoulderblades.
- Peep has a slightly fluffier butt and has some fluffy feathers on her thighs that Al lacks.

Plus the simple fact that Al is the most personable, friendly chicken and of course he/she/it would go roo. His full name is "Allons-y" (any doctor who fans in the house?) because if you set your hand down in front of him, he'll hop on and go for a ride.

It's really all my fault for giving him a name with gender-bending possible nicknames, anyway.
I don't know anything about this breed- but my first impulse on this one a pullet. Your info makes me understand why you have questions. I don't think you should worry yet. Whenever I have a set of chicks, there is always one that is dominant and develops faster/differently, is more outgoing, or gets bigger more quickly. They aren't perfect clones, so they can be a little bit ahead or behind each other. This is true even if they are all girls.
My Wyandotte pullet is always on my lap or on my shoulders wanting to be held no matter where she is at. Actually all my chicks are SUPER friendly.
I wouldn't panic just yet. There's nothing in any of those pics that says "100% cockerel" to me and if you didn't have another wyandotte that is developing differently you probably wouldn't be questioning it either. My wyandotte pullet had a much pinker comb than any of my other chicks and bigger wattles. She was also the slowest to feather in. Made me wonder if maybe "Gertrude" was really a "Gerald" in disguise for weeks. Now she's without a doubt female and lays the biggest eggs consistently of all my chickens.
Thanks for the encouragement guys!

Bonus question: anyone wanna take a stab at Li'l Buff, a Buff Orpington and the only one I'm still questioning? In comparison to her sister (Big Buff), she is smaller, faster, darker in color, more compact, and more assertive.

Li'l Buff bring the cute.



Just posting a follow up! The chicks are two months old now, and I'm happy to say I think you guys were right on target with them! I just took a picture of Allons-y on my shoulder to use as my avatar; check it out!

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