you cannot **JUST** get some chickens

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    Aug 25, 2018
    Disclosure: my chickens are my pets as well as my source of eggs so I am HIGHLY biased on how they **should** be treated.

    SO here's the thing. A close relative of mine wants chickens. I've been hatching chickens, raising chickens, caring for chickens, and even breeding quail this for a couple years now. So I say ok, I have an extra coop and I have a few starter chickens for you, but I'll have to teach you everything since you've never owned chickens before. He says, ok cool. I said you'll need some supplies too before you bring them home.

    Fast forward a little, and like this kid can't even text or call me back. He works thirds and sleeps during the day I find out, and can't be bothered to take the time to learn things about owning chickens apparently. I start to doubt I want him having some of MY chickens. Yesterday, at 8PM, he calls and says "well I said I would be over today to pick everything up". I said OK, no. I asked several times to confirm you STILL wanted the chickens and then if you were actually coming on Saturday. It's 8pm, and you want to just come **grab some chickens and throw em in your backyard O M G**. Did he have any supplies, for example, a waterer even? NO! Wtf.

    Ok people. I am all about owning chickens as a first timer IF you put in the research. Just grabbing some chickens or chicks and hoping for the best doesn't work. First there is coop set up, nesting set up, perches, and the run or the free range area, all of which need the appropriate space so your chickens don't kill eachother. You have to take into consideration what size and style feeder/waterer you need. Then the food. How do you want them fed and with what product, and are you keeping them organic? Next, deworming/lice and mite spraying - needs to be done. After that, you need to consider the stress put on the chickens when they move, and how will that be mitigated? Flock integration and pecking order is your next thing to keep the eye on. Cleaning the coop is a whole other story. NEEDS to be done properly. If you can't even text or call someone how will you find time to properly clean a coop?

    NOT TO MENTION. We live in NEOH and you need to be able to properly ventilate and winterize a coop. You need to know what to do in the case of frostbite. You need to be cognizant of the weather and be prepared to put the chickens inside if severe enough.

    Lastly, what would you do if the chicken got sick? Stress from the move could easily cause something. Do you know how to handle a sick chicken?

    So.....I finally say no, you cannot have MY beautiful friendly egg laying hens. Sorry. He says thats ok, can I still buy the coop from you and then I'll "just grab some chicks" from TRACTOR SUPPLY. W T F dude. I was about to give you purebred ameraucana chickens of show quality and you tell me that? So rude.

    TL DR - relative wants chickens, completely unprepared to care for other living things, the end.
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    Mar 20, 2015
    I believe many people buy chickens and aren't prepared for them at all. I researched for months before I even got chickens. I have stayed at 7 chickens and everyone says I need more... I don't. I like having 7 and I've seen what happens when you start allowing yourself to buy more and more.
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    Aug 25, 2018

    Exactly! I have 9 and that’s plenty for me!
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    Oct 3, 2013
    I have a relative who sounds exactly like yours! Except not with chickens, but parrots. He’s always bringing home birds and then getting rid of them after a couple years if they haven’t already died. And then the cycle repeats. He’s always amazed that I still have the same birds I had when I first got them. Of course, I let him know exactly how I feel about this. Especially after he tried to dump his last pair of cockatiels on me and I refused because they were sick and I had just spent $$$ at the avian vet on my birds. It’s sad, but I couldn’t risk my own bird’s health.
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    Unfortunately I don't think this is at all uncommon.:(
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    Actually it's very common, and I won't waste my breath trying to "school," folks like that.It's pretty easy to recognize people who are taking notes, asking questions and are anxious to do the right thing.
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