You Have What I Want, I Have What You Want. Lets Swap!!

Discussion in 'Swaps' started by loprettaerin, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Jun 17, 2010
    Lonedell, Missouri
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    1. List what you have & List what you want. Picture will help people determine if they may want to swap with you.
    If you see something you would like to trade just Private Message that person

    2. All trading will go though Private Messaging.

    3. Please do not Post any I want or mine or comments this is only though Private Messaging! This will help the board stay clean and easy to read what people have and want.

    4. Items do not have to be Eggs if you have something you would like to trade list it along with what you are looking for.

    DESCLAMER: BYC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS SWAP. BYC is not responsible for egg sent, received or not received. Please do not pm the mod about your trade. If you do not receive your trade I can not make them send it.
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    Aug 6, 2012
    central il
  3. loprettaerin

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    Jun 17, 2010
    Lonedell, Missouri
    Available 2014:

    What I have: I will try to update pictures on my flock page and swap page over next couple weeks. I have very slow internet and limit so will take time.

    PQ Rouen Duck
    Wheaten Marans
    Black Birchen Marans
    Golden Salmon Marans F3 Project but coming along very well
    Mixed Silkie
    Cream legbar
    Blue Slate and blue Turkeys: I have blue slate tom and self blue tom, Hens are 2 self blue, 1 lavender, 1 blue slate, 1 black moltted, and 1 eastern wild. Last 2 hens have yet to lay yet.

    Other: Packaging tape, Jelly's and Jam's assorted limited amounts

    What I want:

    Swedish Flower Hen
    Sebbie Goose
    Rouen Duck
    bbs silkie
    Wheaten Marans

    Making new colors book any
    Capon tools and or books
    Chicken genetics books
    Cattle books let me know what you got
    Farming books: let me know what you got
    book on plucker machine how to make
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  4. ppimf

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    Nov 15, 2012
    ellis kansas
    I have eggs from PQ
    Rouen ducks
    Pekin ducks
    Fawn and white runners - one grey runner female in with them
    Toulouse geese

    Looking for duck eggs or geese hatching eggs let me know what you have
  5. rescueacres

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    Mar 12, 2013
    North Idaho
    What is PQ?

    I have:

    Eggs from mixed color flock of Indian Runner Ducks (drakes are blue bibbed, white splash, and chocolate; ducks are blue, silver, and diluted chocolate.)
    Muscovy eggs (pied) wont be ready until April (need to be sure of fertility first in the new drake)
    Americana eggs
    EE eggs
    Mixed flock eggs

    Looking for:

    Magpie eggs or ducklings
    Speckled Sussex eggs or chicks
    Cotournix quail eggs or girls
    Cream leg bars eggs or chicks
    Turkey eggs or chicks
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  6. loprettaerin

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    Jun 17, 2010
    Lonedell, Missouri
    PQ Stands for Pet Quality and BQ Breeder Quality and SQ is for Show Quality
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  7. learycow

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    Apr 1, 2011
    Southern Maine
    Here's what I have:
    SQ and BQ (penned together) welsh harlequins, gold and silver
    Anconas (blue, black, lilac, lavender, chocolate)
    Muscovy (black, white, chocolate, lavender, blue, blue fawn, silver. Barred, solids, and pieds all together and they produce other colors as well)
    Silkie calls
    Ancona/magpie calls
    Blue penciled magpie calls
    American Buff Geese
    Sebastopol Geese
    (eggs from geese may be mixed as they all free range together currently)

    Want list:
    Anconas, any color but black (new bloodlines to add to my flock)
    Muscovy (barred pattern, any color)
    Magpie or ancona pattterned calls, any color
    Marans, any color but must have dark eggs (don't need to be show quality, just for my own egg use)
    Geese, Buff, Seb, pilgrim or possibly others
  8. kiwijean83

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    Sep 22, 2012
    Bend, OR

    May be contacting you in the future, still can't decide if I want geese yet but have been thinking about the American Buffs. You have quite the menagerie :)

    Oh, and you just PM me if you want some caramels :) I am always open to a side swap!
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  9. rescueacres

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    Mar 12, 2013
    North Idaho
    Thank you for the abbreviation info :)
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  10. TripleKFarm

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    Jul 24, 2013
    Howdy Y'all!
    Pure polish-mixed colored pen. All my polish are pure colored BUT babies will be mixed colored.
    Rooster is gold laced, 3 gold laced hens, 1 buff laced, 1 crele, 1 blue splash, 1 white crested black
    Pure black silkie pen-1 hen, 1 roo (currently not laying)
    Pure mixed colored Marans (rooster is black copper, 2 black copper hens, 2 cuckoo maran hens)
    Red productions

    pure cayugas
    pure calls-color doesn't matter
    pure silkies-color doesn't matter
    pure polish-color doesn't matter
    pure marans-colors doesn't matter
    pure millie fluer duccles
    pure bantam cochins-color doesn't matter
    pure blue slate turkey

    plant starts-veggies, flower, fruit, trees
    anything to do with poultry (waterers, food, books)
    I'm almost up for anything, you can always feel free to ask, and I just might be interested

    **Right now I think it is to risky to ship eggs BUT I will be more than happy to send out when the weather clears**

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