You haven't lived until you've composted your own poop by hand, DIY

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    Outhouse made of old fence panels and old shipping container. I don't have any pics of the actual toilet, but picture a large box made of plywood with a toilet seat installed on the top. The whole top flips up on a hinge, and beneath it there's a bug screen resting on top of the plastic storage box you're about to poop into, aka the litter box for humans. Remove screen. Poop into litter box with sawdust in it. Put a fresh scoop of sawdust on the poop. You can put your toilet paper in there too. Replace screen. Box fills up in 1-2 weeks. Transfer contents to used 55 gallon drum from Craigslist and stir it all up. In 1-2 years you have top rate compost. We have been doing this since August 2015. THERE IS NO SMELL AT ALL, NOT EVEN IN SUMMER. An indoor flush toilet is far stinkier. This uses ZERO water or electricity, only a little sawdust, an environmentally friendly byproduct that is cheap and easy to get. Whole setup, including three 55 gallon drums, which seems to be plenty for the two of us, cost us about $200. Sawdust cost about $2/month. Cheapest and greenest way to poop! I really should get pictures of our whole urine diversion system and everything. Only disadvantage I can see is that it might not work so well in colder climates. We rarely get freezes here.


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