You know how it goes - the straight run bantam bin at TCS - help me out if you can please?!


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Jun 23, 2011
wyandotte, mi
I have 6 straight run bantams. They are about a month, so maybe too early to tell. I just cant have roosters where I live so I am hoping to rehome ASAP. I think I know all the breeds ( 4 are the same), but one. Ill take any help you can send my way. Thanks for any help!!

#1. I am guessing a cockeral Golden Sebright

#2. Comparing this to #1, I would say pullet Golden sebright

#3 this is the breed I am not sure of. It has feathered feet. I am praying pullet, but getting worried

#4 I believe this is an Old English and maybe a pullet?

#4 my first thought was a Golden Sebright, but the coloring is a little different..just different patterning? Pullet?

$6 Another Golden Sebright? Pullet? I wondered about the fact that it has a different comb.


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