You know you have lost it when ....


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lol thats too funny and i have done that also !
here's one for ya
off to walmart we go...
cart full of a little bit of everything..
in check out line putting everything up there my DH told me to go to the front and he would finish putting everything up there..
so i am standing there and the very sweet lady said "your total is $280.65..
Me: sheww i thought for sure it was going to be alot more..
Lady: I know it don't take long to add up...
Me:sliding my debit card...Waiting....
Lady: Umm it say's card declined...
Me: umm well i know i have money in there..??? Clue less...
Lady: well slide it again maybe i did something wrong...
Me:sliding my card faced already....
Lady: umm it's declined you have another debit or checking card ?
Me: Let me write a check Errrr...
Lady: ok sweety it's ok it happens....
Me: open my wallet and BAM right in my face my debit card ! i kinda giggle to my self and look to see what was in my hand and it's my rite aid wellness card !
Lady: laughing so hard that another lady came over and asked her if everything was ok and the Lady #1 told her what i had did and now standing there i have to ladies laughing at me...
Lady #2 says we make joke's about this all the time because we do it also !
I have never been so embaressed in all my life !!!!


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These are great!!

I'm sure I have many of mess ups that I have blocked out of my memory, but one that I do a lot, especially when I'm sick (though I don't do it nearly as much now that we have dairy goats, and store the milk in glass jars) - We keep the cereal boxes on top of the fridge. Many times when I am half asleep/sick, I will put the milk on top of the fridge, and the cereal in the fridge. Confused my mum many times by doing that!
I have also forgotten to put the coffee into the coffee pot, and run it anyway...Look at the pot and see hot water...Hum...That's not right!


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My parents' neighbor is blonde-she fits the description of who blonde jokes are talking about!

She got a Sam's Club membership years ago from my mom and dad and renewed it every year. Several years later she was in another state with her mom (who lives there) and they went to Sam's Club. Her mom didn't have a membership so she bought the business membership (which you can sell personal memberships off of). Stephanie wanted to help her mom out, so she bought a membership from her. The Sam's Club cashier asked for a photo ID and Steph pulled out her Sam's Club membership card. She was so embarrassed that she put it away and used her driver's license instead of telling the cashier she already had a membership!


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Well, I had one of those moments today. One of my broody hens hatched chicks last week and I put the unhatched egg in the nest boxes for the other hens. (We have about 50 layers and we sell most of the eggs) They love laying in boxes with eggs in them, don't ask me why. So I collected a doz eggs and took it to a customer, did my shopping etc. Came home and eventually went to collect eggs again. I put my hand under a hen sitting gin the box where I left the egg... nothing. I think sh*t, where's the decoy egg? Quick look in the other boxes. Nothing but confused hens and fresh eggs. Then I remembered my son also went to collect eggs this morning... He didn't know about the decoy.
I ran for the phone. Luckily I had the customer's number and luckily he's a really nice guy. He thought it hilarious. After selling the poor guy a month old egg with the possibility of a diseased chick in there, I don't!

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