You think this is horribly mean?


11 Years
Aug 19, 2008
To take chicks away from a broody? I found a broody in my barn, thought something got her, eggs look day 15ish.... The weather is bad here still and it is so muddy. The coop is not set up for chicks. I have ducks too. Last fall I let a hen brood a few and within days they were either trampled, drowned or just came up missing. I summer is MUCH easier for the hens to raise there own around here the way it is set up. The only extra space I have to keep them is in the brooder inside. Not big enough for the hen. Man is she sneaky,,, I would have never let her do it this time of year. If I let her raise them outside, odds are they won't last long at all.....
Could you possibly build a small enclosure around her to keep everyone where they belong? That way the hen can do what she wants to and the chicks will be protected within the little area? just a suggestion of what I would de because it would be easier instead of disturbing everyone!
Thats my problem.. The last enclosure I just built, which I had to practically beg my DH, has 32 4 week old leghorn chicks in it... I'm not sure what to do.....
See if you can borrow from someone the largest dog crate you can find or 4x4 dog fencing from petsmart. Both will let mom be away and safe. If you use the 4x4 fencing then make sure to place hardwire cloth around the lower part so no babes get loose. She and you will be happy.
Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :

It's perfectly safe, and it's not mean. I've done it lots of times.

I know they have a much better chance with me raising them, but I just can't help feel SO bad taking her babies. Poor thing, guess thats the crazy chicken lover in me....​
She'll look for them for a little while then go on about her business. Chickens don't bond with their young in the same way people do.
I am a big softie, but in the interest of the baby chicks, I wouldn't hesitate to move them into a brooder box-if you had room for mom too, that would be ideal, but if not, she will be fine without them.
can you put them all in a big box??

that little hen is a lot smarter than you might expect... its not mean to take them away.. but i'm betting on the momma to take care of them. we've had late season hatches and the hen will always make sure the babies are ok and nice and toasty. make sure she has plenty to eat and that she doesnt have to go far to get it.

good luck!
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