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9 Years
Jun 21, 2010
Okarche Oklahoma
So as some of you have heard I have Owls in my barn well I spent all day today chasing a skunk from one side of the Brooder barn to the other. I could smell him moving and I ripped all my ground protection siding off the Brooder house so I could get clear shots at him if i managed to see him, I never did so at 5pm I threw in the towel since my stomach and chest were raw from hours of ground crawling trying to get this murderer. I ran to TS and bought a buy one get one free live trap special.
Since this skunk (or so I assumed) had killed over 15 guinea's I decided to take one of my culls and cull it since it had a crooked beak and could no longer thrive for food or water. I tossed it in the cage for bait and went about my chores. I was a eagle scout as a kid so I was always exeptional in tracking. I studied my surroundings at 7 pm ish noticed that while I was gone I had an air attack by a raptor there were impact feathers and some flesh in a heapin the yard. I scouted my perimeter I found what I thought to be Some rabbit fur stuck on the barb wire and Some large poo's Probably a racoon. I saw no tracks as its been dry here since july we have had no rain and are in a drought. 8pm it starts to get dark and I notice a buff brahma banty roo running around (broke out of his pen before I had it 100% secured for the night.) the GH Owl swoops at him lucky a miss I fire a few shots into my hay bail hoping to provoke him into leaving which he did.
I check the trap and yup got the skunk thats been causeing havoc... (or Did I?) me and the daughter gear up for disposal of the fowl smelling beast I place the trap on the back of the car and we drive to my dried out pond to toss the carcass. As we are driving I see a coyote streak across the road intothe tall weeds in the ditch. (or did I see a yote)? instanly a cotton tail burst out of the grass and runs. I still see the yote off to the side of the road. (so I think) then it turns and so non shalontly crosses the road again this time 2 feet infront of our car with a rabbit in its mouth. It wasnt a coyote it was the largest bobcat I have seen in these parts ever.
so to sum this long story up. Not only do I have to monitor for skunks,opossums,raccons,coyotes, GH Owls, Hawks But now a bobcat on my property. I have bagged 5 predators last week and the skunk tonight. Looks like its no sleep for me for a few more days I got a kitty to catch.
Wow. Predators coming out of the wood work. Good luck with them.
Wouldn't that take out everything around his barn along with the predator? Not that I am opposed to the idea mind you...would just hate to throw the baby out with the bath water.
You of course need to properly place such devices. But since the OP appears to be overrun with nasties at the moment I thought that area treatment might be warranted.
That is absolutely correct some are but some are not, however even those that are if you jump through enough hoops and are smiled upon they also become non-protected.

That's even before you get involved with other than a top level jurisdiction.

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