Young Bantam Rooster In Maryland


6 Years
Nov 30, 2013
Salisbury, Maryland
We have a young rooster named Dudly. My rooster Penguin and my hen Dusty are the parents. Penguin is a Plymouth Barred Rock Bantam x Old English Silver Duckwing Bantam. Dusty is a Plymouth Barred Rock Bantam x Nankin Bantam (so I believe). Dudly is a Plymouth Barred Rock Bantam x Nankin Bantam x Old English Silver Duckwing Bantam. He may not be a pure bred but he is a looker. He was born exactly May 14, 2014. Penguin and Dudly started fighting tonight (or should I say Dudly pecked Penguin and when Penguin went at him Dudly ran). No injuries were sustained. I let them work it out but I made sure Penguin didn't get Dudly in a corner. Over the winter (since the winters here can be so cold) we lock the chickens up in their coop with their heat lamp so they don't freeze and in that confined space I'm afraid someone will be dead when I get home. Dudly is very friendly for a rooster. He will run from you (not death run from you like you're going to kill him) but once you pick him up he is fine. I would prefer that if someone were interested if they could text me so I can send pictures and to keep in contact with them to know how Dudly is doing. (I care very much about my chickens and I want to know they are going to a good home and will be treated well and with respect that's why I want to keep in contact with the person if they want to take him). I want to get to know the person by texting them, just so I know if I feel I can trust them to give my chicken a good and loving home. If anybody is interested comment or private message me.

*BYC won't let me attach pictures but I might be able to send it over private message

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