Young bird with 'Down Head' ???


9 Years
Jul 13, 2010
I have a 4 month old wyandotte cockerel that keeps his head tucked, looks like he is praying all the time. He eats and drinks, and acts ok for just being brought here, and will even extend his head up, but his beak stays tucked down. Any ideas? His parents werent like that....
We'll need more info.

Does he have lice or mites?
Any rattling in his chest?
Sneezing, bubbles in his eyes or nose?
Has he been exposed to Marek's?
Could his food have been moldy?
no mites or lice, no rattling, no sneezing or bubbling, the guy that had him has a closed flock, moldy good, maybe but he was in a pen with 15 other young birds, I doubt food lasted long enough to get moldy....
But your flock is not closed? Could your flock have been exposed to Marek's at any point?

If he doesn't show any other neurological symptoms, I would guess something else is going on. I had a bunch of roosters who would sleep on the ground, rather than roost. Stoopid things all had red mites, but I couldn't see them until I went out at night.

Poor birds were anemic.
I am building my flock, so it cant be closed. But he was this way when I got him, it didnt happen at my house. I took a chance it was an injury. I have him isolated though...I am about 6 birds from having a closed flock...
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could it be something like wry neck? you might try putting some poultry drench into their water or if you have him separate into his, also some poly-vi-sol w/o iron would help too maybe. extra good treats like yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, mealworms , scrambled eggs. etc. might give him a jump start also.. hope you can figure it out but in the meantime might just try these suggestions to see if they help.
thanks for the suggestions, I will try some treats for extra vitamins, etc...I have nutra-drench in his water.....
If this is a form of wry neck then it will take a while to treat and recover, but I have read about alot of chickens that do get over it. And like you said he came to you this way, so sounds like you'll need patience. bless you for taking him knowing he had this problem, hope he recovers..
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