Young chick fell and now is having problems walking + chick attacked by dog


Apr 7, 2022
I have a chick that is about 8-10 wks old. A few days ago she tried to jump up onto to something, missed and fell and the ground wrong. At first I thought it was broke but I'm not seeing any obvious breaks anywhere. I isolated her and have been giving supplements but the leg seems to be getting worse, maybe stiffer? I don't know what to do. Should I splint it? I suspect that something has happened with hip or higher up on the leg. I've dealt with problems and breaks lower down the leg, feet and toes but never the hip area. How do I help her?

On a side note, my neighbor had another chicken accident. Her dog attacked one of her chicks and ripped it's wing skin pretty badly. If you are looking at the wing their is a thin piece of skin that goes from "shoulder" to "elbow" normally. The dog ripped that off completely exposing everything underneath. We cleaned, put ointment on it, and then bandaged a figure 8 type wrap on the wing then secured the wing to the body. I am wondering if we should have done anything else? Should I attempt to do stitches if that is still possible when I rebandage and clean it this afternoon? Has anyone had this happen? What was the outcome and how did you treat it?

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