young pullet with an ear problem what do i do ?

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    Apr 11, 2010
    I Have a young silkie poullet that I beleive has an ear infection . Her ear is swollen seems to have a little bubble bump where her ear is . It looks like a clump off wax is there also ( kinda like a nasal plug but a ear plug instead ) What do i do ? She is so full of fluff i didn't see it . she was acting kinda droopy so i picked her to make sure she didn't have any critters sucking the life out of her .I didn't find any but found her ear swollen . Anyone every see this before and how did you treat it ? I would post a pic if I could but cann't .~~ thank you ~~Tammy
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    Quote:Try to remove all the wax as best as you can. Clean the area and ear with 50/50 solution hydrogen peroxide and water. Put neosporin in the ear canal and leave it. This should clear it up.

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