young turkeys out of brooder yesterday


In the Brooder
10 Years
Feb 5, 2009
thay are 3 months old thay are in 6x10 chain lenk dog kennel we put chicken wire over the top to keep them from flying then a 4x6 tarp thay arent getting on the roost will thay figure that out or should i go out and put them on it other thing i hear turkeys will dround them selfs when it rains what ignerent people it is becaus thay get wet and get a chill with that do you think at 3 monthes mine are past that or should i cover the rest of the pen
Mine sleep outside starting at six weeks. By nine weeks they fly up to high roosts to sleep. If it rains, they get wet. You should be fine.
ty we put the tarp over the roost but thay are laying on the ground under the roost guess thay will figure it out like young chickens do after while

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