Your Chickens' Names and Why You Named Them That!

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    So, have you ever wondered why a person named a chicken a certain name? Well here, you can find out.

    Here's the scoop on our chickens' names!

    Einsteina- I got Einsteina thinking she was a he. I named her Einstein, but when she layed her first egg, this called for a change of name. I brainstormed, but my mom came up with a good name: Einsteina! It was perfect! So, she bacame Einsteina! I will be getting a white-crested black polish rooster named Einstein soon. Lol!

    Buzzcut- I named my red polish rooster Buzzcut, because as a chick, he had a smooth downy head, and it looked like he had a buzzcut hairdo. So, that was his name!
  2. I named Zipper Because when she was Younger She had a Zip Down her back. she is a Cinnamon Queen and all grown up now and laying!
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    Some of ours are named after sons friends at highschool. We had zoe the rooster for a while- He was meant to be a she.
  4. Cool! Name's
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    Frosty the bantam cochin roo - He is black with white frosty looking hackles
    Ruby the bantam cochin hen - she is the color of a ruby gem stone
    Sprite the bantam cochin hen - she is white with little flecks of gray (reminds me of bubbles floating in a glass of Sprite)
    Turtle the bantam cochin hen - she is barred and has eyes that look just like a terrapin
    Lacy the bantam cochin hen - she is patridge and her feathers look like lace
    Cake the bantam cochin hen - she is solid white, just like wedding cake
    And last but not least - Godzilla the bantam cochin hen - she is solid black and well ..... her name says it all LOL
  6. My EE rooster is named Chipmunk 'cause he is reddish in color and has a fluffy beard that looks like a chipmunk when it's cheeks are full of sunflower seeds. My EE hen is named Kiwi because when she was young she didn't grow her tail feathers for a long time and was always looking at the ground. My three Columbian Rock cross hens are Clucker, Sara and Czyk. Clucker was the first of the chicks to use her adult voice, Sara is short for Sara Pale Hen, a name I err, borrowed, from some other clever person and Czyk is pronounced 'chick' in Polish. My black Australorp hen is Matilda, the two Buff Brahmas are Pippin and Sam because of their feathery feet. Yeah, I know Sam and Pippen are male in the FotR but too bad. Finishing it off are the three Plymouth Barred Rocks, Petticoat, Millie and Abigail. Petticoat had some white flash feathers in her wings that showed now and again when she fluffed, Millie was named after my kid's grandmother and everyone needs an Abigail chicken.

    I had another EE rooster named Osprey who was black and white and long legged as a kiddie. He is no longer with us and made a trip to a friend's farm to care for her six Golden Comets.
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    Osprey... that's a neat name! These are all neat names! XD
  8. Thanks. I hated to part with Osprey for he was the first to prove he was a rooster and not a pullet and he was really good with the girls, protecting them and keeping watch over them but he started to treat me as something to guard them from and was actually attacking me. Chipmunk was and is much more laid back with humans and so Osprey went to live on a dairy farm with a new flock of admirers and it was worked out well for both me and Osprey.

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