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We are new to raising chickens. We hatched 5 chicks that are from an Americauna rooster and a (production) Rhode Island Red hen. Plus later we bought 4 straight run Barred Plymouth Rocks.

Due to some craziness we had 2 different clutches and we had one chick hatch a week before the other 4. Of course that chick was lonely and wanted our attention and has become my favorite (shh, don't tell the other chicks). My kids named her Peepers and she's coming up on 8 weeks old. I had been convinced that she is a she because she is so sweet with me and doesn't bother the other chicks much. She does chase the others to remind them that she is at the top of the pecking order, but she never pecks at or hurts anyone. However, I am looking at her bright red crop and the last few days have heard some not-quite-clucking-but-not-quite-crowing noises from her in the morning. I don't have another chick her age to compare her to. I am wondering if there is any chance that someone can see something in these photos to tell me that there's a chance she might be a pullet. I live in a suburban neighborhood so I can't keep a rooster. I am in denial. Here are 2 shots of Peepers. (Yes, that's a duck in the second photo that we also hatched from a wild couple's egg that was left on our back patio.)



On the flip side, there is one chick out of the group of 4 (almost 7 weeks old) that seems different to me. Caramel's crop is a bit larger than the other 3, has a longer, less fluffy tail and his body doesn't seem as smooth, filled out and hen-like as the others. He definitely shows some aggressive behavior, especially toward the smaller Barred Rocks. It was mostly chasing, but the other day I saw him grab one of the BR girls by the neck and he took some feathers out by the time I broke it up. Caramel is the only one that will challenge Peepers' place in the pecking order. I'm curious what you think of the others too (Blondie, Rocky and Fluff) but I think they are probably pullets.






Caramel with Rocky on the right





And lastly, the 4 Barred Rocks which are 6 weeks old. When we picked out the chicks 2 had big white splotches on their heads and 2 had very faint ones. As they have grown 2 are lighter in color and seem more aggressive. They challenge each other constantly. Their crops are bigger and their legs have a gray "splash" to them. I am fairly sure they are cockerels. The other 2 are darker and milder with smaller crops and one definitely has a black "splash" to her legs, the other's are kind of in between gray and black. I am fairly sure they are pullets. I read another forum here describing similar things that makes me think I have these guys figured out, but I thought I would put up some photos before I send my suspected cockerels packing.


All 4 BRs


BR Cockerel on the left, Pullet on the right?

I don't know if they are too young to ask about. I am also not sure if the photos are very good angles and are focused on the right things. I will take any feedback I can get. Thanks!
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I'm not sure about your upper chicken photos, but on your Barred Rocks, you've definitely guessed correctly: two pullets, and two cockerels. I love all the colors you got on your EE babies!
Peepers - roo, sorry.

Caramel - roo?
Rocky - pullet?
Blondie - pullet?
Fluff - pullet?
2 of the Barred Rocks are roos (lighter colored) and 2 are pullets (darker colored)
Thanks, everyone for your input. Peepers will be with us until she's too loud to stay. Maybe I can find a somewhat local person with land that can take her/him. Ouch. It hurts just to type "him" when referring to my sweetheart chicken!

Tricia, I read about the spots on BR chicks AFTER we had already brought the chicks home. Hind sight is 20/20 they say!

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