Your input and criticism is WELCOME. Tell me what you think.

That's ADORABLE!!!!
Well, Thank you.

Do you think I should make nest boxes for them to lay the eggs in. Maybe place them close to one of the doors. Or will they just lay their eggs any and everywhere making it hard for me to get to them. I do have the two large 2' x 3' doors on the top but would rather let the kids collect the eggs from the sides or front. Both of my little ones love the "chore" of collecting our chicken eggs.
Wow, that's some pen! When I look at that, I feel embarrassed about the ghetto pen I'm rehabbing out of an old, free rabbit cage.
I like the design of the pen. But, when I think of quail in the desert, I wonder about the black color of the wood. Seems like black would really absorb the heat.

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