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Oct 7, 2012
can i have pictur tours of the coop run an just any place theat you keep your flock in need cheep efective easy ways of containing a flock of 3 to 8 lage fowl hens
The cheapest pen I've built was just some PVC piping wrapped in wire.
It was not predator proof at all, but I didn't need it to be.
I've also constructed 4 pens that I currently use out of wood and wire. (below)
Look around your barn and see what materials you have on hand.
The most expensive part of any coop or pen is the predator proofing (wire).
I built them the same height as a roll of wire, so it would be real easy to just wrap the wire all the way around and staple.

Yeah, we made sure we raised our Livestock Guardian Dogs around chickens as well as livestock.
Makes life easier for us!


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