Yuck, Mites!!!!

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    Aug 27, 2010
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    I just wormed all three coops a month ago with Ivermect pour-on...I did everything by the book even though at that time my ladies had no mites or lice that I was aware of. the reason I decided to do this is because we had an issue with black birds getting in the tractor coops and I thought it was a good measure of prevention, I pressure washed everything, used a bleach solution ( very mild) and put seven dust in all the boxes and tossed all eggs for two weeks and then repeated all of this two weeks later. I missed having fresh eggs and actually had to buy them from the store for the first time in year ( it felt like having a tooth pulled buying those eggs) My ladies have been laying machines for me over the last week and today with a smile on face I opened the door to collect an egg and there was my hen spice looking funny at her egg that she had just laid, as I looked from her to the egg, I discovered with absolute dismay MITES crawling on the egg.....I am a 40yr old woman who always thought I was mature but at that moment and even now all I really wanted to do was jump up and down, fall to the ground and throw a full out temper tantrum.....here is my question> does sevin dust really work to get rid of these little brats? or am I looking at another round of ivermect? Thanks for any help you have time to offer ~ Tink~

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