Zombie Attack Duck!

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    It was our second pair of ducks, Anconas. The first pair we had were Pekins, seemed normal enough, quieter than chickens, and more noble looking too. The Anconas seemed about the same at first, but after a short time, things changed.

    They weren't afraid of people, unless you had a stick. Even then, they might just turn, yet stand their ground. The first victim was my wife. She had just returned from Houston, where her sister was undergoing leukemia treatments. She went out to the garden to pick some veggies. The Anconas followed, at a distance. When she turned to them and said "Shoo! Go away!" they would stop, turn to each other and quack, as though they seemed to be talking to each - perhaps about their next move. They kept edging closer and closer, now nibbling at her heals. She began to kick at them, which had no effect. When she did make contact, the duck just got up and came on again. After a few times of this, she ran back to the barn and grabbed a good sized stick. They followed, but when she turned around with the stick, they walked off, quacking. Probably coordinating their next attack.

    I told everyone, when you go out, get a walking stick, a weed whip, a stick - something. Don't go out unarmed. Then one morning, we found the female dead. The male was nibbling at her. I thought he didn't understand what had happened, that she was dead. I thought he'd get better, that things would change that things would get better. I was wrong.

    I bought a group of four anconas last month. When they saw the ZAD, they went nuts! Next morning they had escaped and returned to their previous home.

    If you have an Zombie Attack Duck, remember, the disease is airbourne, waterbourne, and bloodbourne. Don't shoot them, burn them, bury them, or drown them, you'll just spread the disease and likely contract it as it does transmutate!


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