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Info on ordinances in South Plainfield, NJ

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Hi Everyone,


I'm new here, and would like to get a few chickens for my backyard.  I have been unsuccessful in finding out the laws in South Plainfield regarding chickens.  Does anyone here know what the laws are in my town?  I am reluctant to call the township, as it wouldn't surprised me if they have no idea and just told me outright that I couldn't have chickens, without bothering to check ordinances.  Thanks!

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We are also looking to raise chickens in S. Plainfield. There is nothing officially on the ordinances. Only dogs, cats, and honeybees. However, we went to Nischwitz feed. They have 3 chickens on premises and told us there is an unwritten understanding that we can have 6 hens - no roosters. They are also a good source for locating breeders and stock feed.

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