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Agreed. I've wanted some horses really bad before and couldn't get them, but it all worked out for the best. You'll find the horse that's meant for you. It is upsetting sometimes though.
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Yah. I know. (Sigh) I just wish we could find it soon and be over with it. Looking for horses is stressful. Mom says we can't look at any more till we get a pasture built. The two we have are in a dry (mud) lot with a lean to.
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Well. At least that's a good reason to wait. I have money to get one, money to take care of one, the perfect place to keep one, and June really needs a companion, but my grandpa still hasn't decided yet if I can get a second one. I think that he thinks I want one just for fun but I've been trying to convince him that June really does need a horse friend! It's frustrating haha
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And they say miniature horses are like potato chips, lol.
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Miniature horses? I actually don't really like minis lol
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I didn't either, until I met some. Of course, I also thought mules were just funny looking until I met Betsy, and I found out they are so much more. Sorry, mule of mine, but it's true - you are funny looking, but you are still first in my herd, and first in my heart.:love

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I think minis and mules are both ugly! But I'm sure if I had one I'd change my mind after a couple days 😂
They're just not graceful looking like horses. Although I've had some horses who were so graceful themselves
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Oh, now really, you think this is ugly?


Or  this?

Yup, those are minis!

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Stop that.. They're melting my heart and I don't want them to
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:lau They'll getcha!:lau

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