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Probably look through some outdoor paints and see if there's any that are fume free. If they make those for outdoors
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What kind of paint can you use that's non toxic? I've always wondered that and have always been too scared to paint mine

Any paints can be used. If they have fumes, just let them air out well prior to letting the chickens in.

Certainly I'd pick a good water based paint, because they are easy clean up, and very good quality these days.

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are water based paints also weather proof? or is there a good weather proof sealing stain thats also non toxic?


Thanks for your help!

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I'd just go for quality outdoor paint + primer, and maybe kilz inside. Let it dry for 2 days. The fumes will go away, but the quality of paint wont. If you go water based with fancy stuff it might not last.
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