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Poll Results: I love rabbits because...

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    They're sooo cute!
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    They're friendly!
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    They're entertaining!
  • 42% (70)
    They've cast me under their fluffy spell!
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Albino doesn't like her box escape.we got her new cage home. Dad has to build a roof over it. Escaping rabbit.
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She not likening being a few feet from smoky or her sons. By but I have to have room to walk around the cages to take care of them and other pets.
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hi guys so my rabbits got with an escaped male on the 7th Feb and one of them has gone really fat and i can feel lumps kicks and movement and shes also built a nest however the other rabbit isnt so fat and i couldnt  feel any lumps but shes built and nest AND pulled loads of fur today and last night but the other rabbit hasnt

any ideas??


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My (pet) bunnies have gone into a new house today, there's a house part with a run underneath.  There's a ramp down to the lower level.  At the moment, I've got half of the floor in the house up, but I'll be cutting it (that half) and putting back part of it.  Does anyone have any ideas as to the headroom rabbits need when coming up a ramp or how to calculate it?  

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Keep the house intact with fur. Both of them. When is due date on both rabbits. If it goes 5 days past due date go to a vet. It could be false labor or it could be serious.and kill rabbit and kits. Or she will never be able to breed again. I just went through these.
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I have no idea on bunny home. I struggle with my new bunny home on floor. So I have no idea on ramp. You could probably google it .
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Take males away from pregnete does. Or you will have more baby's. You need to keep males near bye close for support. You might have to have both does separated at first.
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Originally Posted by tracyjg View Post

Take males away from pregnete does. Or you will have more baby's. You need to keep males near bye close for support. You might have to have both does separated at first.



Once a doe is impregnated, the buck's job is over. Rabbit bucks do not contribute to the raising of kits in any way. In fact, having a buck around creates stress for the doe during her pregnancy, as a buck will harrass a pregnant doe by chasing her around and continuing to try to mount her. Bucks spray to mark their territory, so moving a buck far enough away that the doe and her nest won't be regularly splattered with urine will be a relief to her as well.


@paigemcgrory - I answered your query on another thread, but one more thought occurred. Are you absolutely sure that these two nests were built by different does? A rabbit will use whatever nest materials are available, and that includes pulling fur from other rabbits if she can reach them. If you saw the second doe building the nest, the point is moot, but if you didn't see the nest being built and are assuming that the second doe built it because it is her fur in the nest, it is possible that the first doe pulled it off of her and put it there.

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Well mine want to be near each other. I had more stress separating them. The first set died. Most site I have found say keep male where he can bound with female.mine our close to these day. I can't separate them very far or I have issues of them not eating and being alone. Please do your research first before you hurt your kits and does.
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Mine our stressed when they our not near each other. She has not had another litter nor have we had any fights. All 8 our in the same room very close to each other. I just had to move midnight closer to cinco and kits. Because far away was not working. Listen to your animals they will tell you who that want to be near . What makes them happy. A happy pet is the best pet to be around. Do whats right for your home not someone else's.
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