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  1. Garjzla
    This is the character page for The Night Moves.
    If you want to check the role play out, go here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/newestpost/1135100

    I'm lazy, so this is NOT in alphabetical order.

    @Garjzla 's characters:

    Name: Imra
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Wicked, childish, playful, rather oblivious, and she's definitely a trickster. Imra doesn't seem to know what death is or the fact that another world exists, she only knows the world she controls. Imra can seem rather violent, but it also doesn't seem like she knows she's being violent.
    History: You'll have to ask her.
    Pet?: An albino kitsune she calls Fox.
    Species: Human.
    Picture/Description: [​IMG]

    Weapon (optional, only different types of knives): A sharp stone attached to a thick, stubby stick and tied together with vine.
    Username: Garjzla
    Did you like the story line (yes/no/suggestions. Optional):

    Name: Albus
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Albus is dull and often times bored or agitated. Though, he sometimes has very interesting things to say, you just have to convince him to say them.
    History: He's not telling, unless you're really convincing.
    Pet?: Nope. Loathes pets.
    Species: Ghost.
    Picture/Description: Albus is slightly transparent and has a silvery coloring. His skin is completely pale, pretty much white, and he has wrinkles around his mouth from frowning so much. Albus's eyes look dead, and he has a long, messy white beard and unkempt white pearly hair. Usually Albus is hovering at least a little bit.
    Weapon (optional, only different types of knives): No weapons, doesn't really need them.
    Username: Garjzla
    Did you like the story line (yes/no/suggestions. Optional):

    Name: Valoka
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Usually silent, kind of creepy, and very skilled with magic. She mostly attempts to keep to herself.
    History: Valoka was a close friend of Irma's as a child, and was with her when they found this place. But as Irma...Changed, they were no longer friends and Valoka decided to focus on learning ancient magic and becoming a sorcerer (which she has done). You can attempt to get her to tell you about Irma, because she knows quite a lot, but Valoka isn't one to help people.
    Also, when Valoka was first learning magic, she did a spell on her eyes and made her irises pure white by accident. She can see, but she looks weird.
    Pet?: None.
    Species: Sorcerer

    Weapon (optional, only different types of knives): For some strange reason, Valoka carries around a large meat cleaver.
    Username: Garjzla
    Did you like the story line (yes/no/suggestions. Optional):

    @JabbaDaHutt 's characters:

    Age: looks 22 in human years
    Personality:Kepps to herself, but when with others she is usually shy and quiet, even kind. Until they anger her, then she has a sole mission:to kill them
    History:Not much, she has lived in the forest in the long time. Desperately wants a mate or friend to accompany her.
    Pet?:A pet lizard that poisons whatever he touches, except her skin named Moss
    Picture/Description:Emerald wears a dress that seems to be made from white lilac petals, and in areas is also covered in moss. She has green eyes, and has a crown of plants on her head. She is 5'10, and has pale skin which brown, straight hair that barely is above her waist.
    Did you like the story line (yes/no/suggestions. Optional):It's Great!
    Weapon (optional, only different types of knives):She has two poison coated daggers

    @iLikeMineFried 's characters:

    Name: Salix
    Age: 205
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Quiet, receptive, all-knowing
    History: Salix, a history professor, was born in the human world. He found the portal while hunting many years ago. When he arrived in Imra's realm, he angered her and she turned him into a tree, so that he would be her eyes and ears of the forest.
    Pet?: None yet
    Species: Tree person
    Picture/Description: Very old willow tree when transformed, when in human form, he looks to be about 45 years old, tall, gangly, with messy brown hair
    Weapon (optional, only different types of knives): hunting knife he keeps tucked in his boot.
    Username: iLikeMineFried
    Did you like the story line (yes/no/suggestions. Optional): It's good.

    @Cluckcluck1215 's characters:

    Age: 19
    Personality:she is extremely shy and quiet.she keeps to herself.
    History:she will never tell
    Pet?:yes.a black domestic cat named Raven.
    Picture/Description:VERY pale skin and long black hair that she keeps in a pony tail.
    Weapon (optional, only different types of knives):a small pocket knife
    Did you like the story line (yes/no/suggestions. Optional):IT WAS GREAT!

    Personality:quiet, misunderstood.
    History:she entered the Portal when she was a young girl.
    Pet?:a black kitsune named Kiki.female.
    Picture/Description:she has long light brown hair and pretty green eyes.she weres a tight dress made of vines and flowers.
    Weapon (optional, only different types of knives):a regular knife.
    Did you like the story line (yes/no/suggestions. Optional):GREAT

    @Flock Master64 's characters:

    Name: Alton
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Personality: quiet, dark, hateful
    History: he just hates everyone
    Species: Ghoul
    Picture/Description: like this but without the gun


    Weapon (optional, only different types of knives): throwing knives
    Username: FM 64
    Did you like the story line (yes/no/suggestions. Optional): yes [​IMG]

    Those are all the characters, for now.

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