Day 1
Age: 1 week
Date: June 28th 2011

Today I bought 15 chicks!!!
They consist of 2 Red Sex Link, 2 Black Sex Link, 2 Barred Rock, and 9 Leghorn chicks. They were born on June 22nd 2011. The woman, who was very smart in chicken knowledge, told us that they were 95%-99% positive that all chicks are hens. This is what we wanted for a good supply of farm eggs.

We bought all of their ‘beginning supplies’ such as Chick Starter Grower feed, 2 Mason Jar Chicken Feeders, 1 gallon water tank, Electrolytes with Vitamins, Pine wood shavings and 50 feet of Chicken Wire to supply us for awhile!

On the ride home the Chicks were stored in a cardboard box, and were a little rowdy and noisy, but as the trip went on they calmed down. Once we arrived back home, I put wood shavings in a tub, which was used for a toy box, for my little babies to nest in! The water tank and the feeder were placed in their new home, and they immediately began to eat and drink.

The Chicks have settled in very well!! It is very obvious that they really need more space to run and play around. I know this will only get worse the larger they get. Their poop is still just a tad sticky, which is a sign of stress the stickier it is. They do seem a lot calmer than when they first arrived home!! I have noticed that the more I go to their ‘house’ the more they seem comfortable with me. I think I am beginning to seem more like a mother to them!! YAY!!

They must be growing like a crazy because they ate a WHOLE mason jar full of feed, and drank about ¼ of their water supply! The more time they are here, the more playful they seem to be with each other, which is a good thing because I want to keep them as nice and friendly with each other and people.
The oddest thing that I have noticed is one of the Black Sex Links is rather quiet. She is somewhat smaller than the other chicks and is pushed and bullied too. I hope that she won’t get sick over this stress that this big move that has been made to them
Today has been a big day for me and my newfound friends. They are sleeping peacefully and will be ready to grow even more tomorrow!!!