My 1st Incubation
To see the whole making of...start at "my bator" page...

So in order to get my temps to stabilize I moved my thermostat and added a heat sink, per the wonderful insight of the BYCers! With the metal back of the thermostat on the wire above the heat source it responds much quicker to changes. Now it went from 95-102 to 98-100...NICE! The baggie wiggler says 98-99. So in went the duck eggs on the 18th...

I made a sheet to keep track of everything during this incubation...PM me if you want the file.

Since I only have a few girls, I'm thinking of making a hatcher and doing staggered settings. More ducklings!
1/25- So I collected eggs for another week, 6 total, and since I had to open the incubator anyway...I candled the ones on day 8...All are developing!!! Fingers crossed they keep going!!! Now I really have to work on that hatcher...:)
2/8- I finished the hatcher with the help of hubby and I'm getting the temp right now...the first set are due to come out of the turner on Tuesday morning so I have to get it ready NOW! I have been gathering eggs, both Bridgette's & Matilda's and have 11 to go in as soon as there is room. The second set I have in there are all developing except for 1 maybe, and the first ones are really filling up dark now! Yea! Please help send good hatching vibes our way!

2/14- We have one out, and all but one have piped! This could really work!
2/15- 3 out! One didn't make it out of the shell because he was upside-down and one egg left with no action...3/5...I get a "D-"...well for the 1st try that's ok I guess.