1. ValerieJ

    First time incubating...will need much help from the experts here on BYC.

    I just received hatching eggs in the mail, only way I could find BO's. They have arrived! :wootNow my broody isn't anymore and I'm incubating. Just bought one and can read the instructions, but I'm sure they will not answer my first question. Some of the eggs were broken and so now all the...
  2. HuffleClaw

    Broody vs Bator...

    Hello! :frow My flock is currently driving me insane...they’ve almost all been broody at least once, but my Bantam Cochins & Silkies 2+ times, so far. :lol: Well, I’ve incubated lots of eggs this year... I love incubating eggs in an incubator, because it’s more "hands-on" I’ve found that I...
  3. Farmer In Training

    Need incubator help!!

    Hey everyone! So, here is the story. I have had a Magicfly incubator for awhile now and have hatched many chicks from it and normally get 95-100 percent hatch rate each time, (SUCH a good incubator) but I decided I wanted something bigger so I ordered a bigger incubator off of amazon with okay...
  4. bushnellchicken

    Help with turner

    So incubator turner is not working so i am wondering what's my best option for 5 dozen eggs. Do i try and hand turn them? Or, would putting a piece of 2x4 under one side of the incubator actually work? Place it under one side every couple of hours then alternate to the other side. The one side...
  5. bushnellchicken

    Incubator help

    Hello there. I am having some issues with a borrowed Rite Farm 3600 incubator and am wondering if anyone could share the owners manual with me?? Person I'm borrowing from does not have it. The issue in having is the turner not working properly sometimes. Truly praying that someone has a manual...
  6. ZoomuKeeper

    Incubating eggs dilemma

    Collected the eggs, 18 really nice ones, perfect shape and size. Placed them in the incubator yesterday. Today the incubator quit. It just stopped working. I am wondering if my eggs will be lost now or do I still have time to run and buy another one tomorrow and save my clutch? Kind of heart...
  7. PlayTheGame

    Homemade incubators

    Post your home made incubator here and if you can, give details of how it worked for you.
  8. M

    Antique incubator

    I have an American Lincoln incubator that can hatch, i believe around 400-500 chicks at a time. It is very large made from solid wood and still works great. and i and having a lot of difficulty finding information about it or the company that made it. Anybody have any ideas???
  9. How to Make 30lbs. of Turkey Sausage; A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing it the Hard Way

    How to Make 30lbs. of Turkey Sausage; A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing it the Hard Way

    1. Obtain 18 fertilized heritage turkey eggs from a friend who raises turkeys 2. Put all the eggs in the incubator without looking up the differences between incubating chicken eggs and turkey eggs 3. Kill all but one of the turkey eggs 4. Cry to your husband 5. Drive 2 hours away to the...
  10. A Simple Guide to Hatching Chicken Eggs

    A Simple Guide to Hatching Chicken Eggs

    Hatching Chickens can be a fun and educational experience for the entire family. How cool is it to watch a small egg turn into a tiny life! And of course when these chicks grow up, your understanding of chickens and their life cycle can be quite rewarding, something you will never forget. So how...
  11. ~cochinlover~

    Help! What is the best incubator for chicken eggs??

    I would like to know what would you recommend for hatching eggs? I have a Styrofoam one and out of 35 eggs... One hatched.... What do you recommend for an incubator??
  12. AlderCreekFarms

    Awesome Auto Incubators under $250?

    So, I guess I have too much time on my hands while my first quail eggs are incubating, but I've been thinking... Wondering what kinds of (storebought) incubators people use for quail...I'm not savvy enough to make my own yet....and your success rates, and if you had it to do over again would you...
  13. M

    My chicks hatched late

    I have 24 eggs at different dates and their marked what day they layed. The first 4 haven’t hatched yet but they were layed on March 9 one of my March 10 eggs just piped and they are at day 29 and look like they are hatching fine but only one has piped yet and I’m confused. Help
  14. TashaP89

    Best incubators for duck eggs

    Can somebody please tell me what is the best small incubator I can get for my duck eggs that I'm not going to spend $100 on?
  15. BannanaWolf

    Burning smell in incubator

    I have a burning smell in my DIY incubator does every other one smell like that when it is in use ?
  16. ReillyB

    Hatching Ducklings

    So I currently have a Rouen Hen who has been laying an egg a day in her nest and forming the nest each day and it looks like she might be sitting at night. She just laid 12 eggs but I haven't noticed her sitting on them. How do I know if she's going to hatch them herself or if I need to...
  17. Farmer Connie

    Splay legs correction again

    Last weekend was another hatch for us. On the second day, we had some assisted hatched. 3 were sticky and had thick umbilical cord issues. Usually along with that comes leg splay etc. The 3 did have splayed legs. 2 were minor but the last was bad. We did our trusty chick handcuff method and 2...
  18. pkarkos

    DIY Incubator Questions

    Hello! I am building a DIY incubator from a foam cooler and a light bulb. I just tested with a light bulb and found it to be much too hot. My cooler's dimensions are about 12"x6"x9". Does anyone have recommendations for what watt light bulb would get the right temperature? I am also thinking of...
  19. Lauren Kim

    Incubator Substitutes?

    Hello, BYC Community- I seem to have an angry incubator- it turns on, but stays at 70° F the whole day, which is terrible for my eggs. I looked through the whole manual for the incubator and there was nothing to troubleshoot. No matter how much I switched and changed the temperature settings, it...
  20. Step by Step Guide to ASSISTED Hatching

    Step by Step Guide to ASSISTED Hatching

    ps.... dont hesitate to pop on the threa ALSO there is a 9 1 1 - HELP! stuff went wrong links from the thread HERE.. Step by Step Guide to ASSISTED Hatching by, Sally Sunshine Poultry...
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