1. jen61871

    Bantam breed?

    I got Chicks-bantam from tractor supply for a dollar each because they are "old" at 3-4 weeks. They could not tell me the breeds though. Can somebody tell me the breed of these two Chicks? Thanks so much! Jennifer
  2. ChickenTenderKesha

    Belgian Bantam ? But what one if so?

    Hey all! I picked up this adorable little bantam at the auction I frequent. Hoping someone can narrow down what bantam I have possibly? I believe they could be a Belgian D’Anver ? But they also have some slight feathering coming in on the legs so I’m unsure of it truly is or not :idunno...
  3. T

    how to hatch out silver blue birchen?

    Can I work my way to blue silver birchen Cochins? I have two lemon blue Cochins and BBS cochins.
  4. T

    how many generations too see the color I’m looking for?

    Can I get the outcome I’m looking for in the 2nd year of breeding? If I were to breed a blue to a mottled what should I look for in the offspring? my other question would be if I were to breed the brother and sister would I get blue mottled chicks from them?
  5. KloekieKapokkie

    Introducing new chickens to lonely rooster,

    Hello! I have a single bantam rooster. I've had him for 5 years. He was originally with 2 other hens who passed away unfortunately. The last hen passed away about 3 weeks ago. I was scared that my rooster would become lonely, he had started roaming a lot less and eating less. To hopefully solve...
  6. FlockFinderWest

    Wes Anderson: The Might of The Mini Rooster

    I just wanted to take a moment to brag on my wonderful rooster, Mr. Wes Anderson. But also I’d like to open this thread to anyone who would like to share a story and pictures of their own wonderful rooster. Wes came to me, along with his 14 Columbian rock bantam siblings, on the morning of...
  7. C

    Chick Feeders for Adult Chickens

    Hello! I have a chick feeder, and was wondering if i could use it for my grown chickens? They’re small since they’re Seramas, but are there any issues?
  8. FlockFinderWest

    Sick, lethargic week old chick. Help

    On Friday I picked up two bantam frizzle chicks. I got them at delivery so they were only 2-3 days old. Everything was fine and they were both active and eating until Saturday night where I noticed my yellow chick was having watery diarrhea. Since then she has not improved and is sleeping a lot...
  9. L


    Help name this breed. TSC had no idea (brown with eyeliner not the white chicks). Hoping for either red or green Junglefowl. Lmk thoughts please. Picture was taken today about 3 weeks. All bantams.
  10. B

    Silkie colors

    What color are these? They’re supposedly 2 week old silkies and I thought they’d be white and buff but I’m new to chickens and their feathers are coming in different than I expected I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️ tsc bantam straight runs with feathered feet and extra toes. I think the black on the first one is...
  11. brittanycuster94

    What gender and Breed?

    so I bought these chicks three Saturdays ago. I know my local tractor supply receive them on that Thursday so they’re like three weeks and two days old the two blackish ones are supposedly blue Australorps, but they look to me how my plymouth barred rock looked, so now I’m confused did they mess...
  12. loyalcrowlist

    5 week old bantam mix gender

    This is Cupid, hatched Feb. 14th. They're the only chick that hatched out of the small clutch my bantam cochin hen sat. The hen is a silkie/bantam brahma mix and the rooster was some sort of bantam mix. Since their the only chick from my roo before I had to rehome him, I'm really curious to see...
  13. S

    Bantam Showed up in LA backyard

    Hello everyone, My name is Silvia and I live in the suburbs of Los Angeles, CA. About a month and a half ago, a bantam hen showed up in my back yard. One of my neighbors used to keep chickens and roosters and moved away. Weeks later, the bantam started coming to my back yard. I was not able to...
  14. E

    What color is he?

    I got my boy by random selection by a man who was downsizing his flock and he gave me this guy as a chick. He grew up very beautifully and I really loves his coloring and his incredibly sweet personality. I couldn’t find his coloring around the OEGB charts(assuming he is a cross) but an online...
  15. M

    Mille Fluer sex - 4 weeks

    Hi all, We have 3 four week old Mille fluers and I was wondering their sex. One has a significantly larger comb, which definitely seems like a roo. Not sure on the other two. Thanks for any help you can offer! Chick 1: Chick 2: Chick 3: roo? Chick 2 & 3:
  16. T

    Lemon blue Cochin x blue cochin

    Does anyone know what I’ll get if I crossed a Lemon blue Cochin to a Blue Cochin. If I was to cross their offspring would I hatch out Lemon blue Cochins?
  17. T

    Lemon blue cochins

    If I crossed my lemon blues tg what would the offspring be??
  18. S

    Bantam chick identification

    I recently got some chicks out of the bantam bin At TSC. Pretty sure I’ve figured out the breed on all the chicks except this one. Can anyone help me identify this chick? It has feathered feet and toes.
  19. vempst

    wondering about breed silkie hybrid x silver laced cochin

    hey everyone, i recently had my first hatch with my buff silkie whom of which is a hybrid. i only know it was from a silkie, not about the other part of it's hybrid. and the mother is a silver laced cochin to my knowledge. out of my first hatch, i came across both light feathered and dark...
  20. B

    Help- Rooster has lost appetite and is standing in place all day

    Hi! I have a 1 1/2 year old red pyle bantam who has been acting strange the past day or so. It started yesterday when I brought him inside (he likes to hang out with our indoor chicken). I noticed he wasn’t making much noise and he wouldn’t eat. He was also having diarrhea that started out with...
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