1. avidity

    Sexing Bantam Mix (~3.5 weeks)

    Hello hello, new chicken mama here. I know this is a bit of a long shot, but does anyone have an idea of what sex this chick could be? I understand it hatched on or around Dec 25-26 (now about 3.5 weeks old). It's a mix (probably) of bearded d'Uccle and mottled cochin (probably). Thanks either way!
  2. Shirley


  3. Tintedwinged

    Help! New chick owner - cant identify and age this little chick

    Hi! I’m new to the chicken world and am slowly learning everything there is to know. I’m finding it difficult to know what breed, how old and what gender this little one is (it’s about ~11/12 weeks old, is my guess). It’s also almost positively a bantam. A farm had a late bloomer and the chick...
  4. Fdny11Bravo

    Can anyone help? Don’t want my 9 week bantam to die

    She’s been breathing heavy after her first night in the coop, the rest are doing absolutely fine she was huddled head in feathers eyes closing and breathing heavy, i brought her back inside to brooder playpen gave her some meds in her water my friend gave me till the corrid i ordered comes...
  5. B

    Looking for miniature appleyard, east indie or/and Silver Bantam fertile duck eggs in UK

    Like the title says I am looking for miniature Appleyard, east indie or/and Silver Bantam fertile duck eggs in the UK. I am planning to begin to incubate them around Feb-March but I am trying to see if I can find someone to source them for me because I am struggling to find many sellers. Thank...
  6. Cannibal

    ISO chicks near Seattle WA

    Hi! I'm looking for 2 female chicks only. Some breeds that I am looking for are ayam cemani, cochin (both bantam or standard), and silkies (again either bantam or standard). I'm not too picky about colors but I do prefer a black or white. I live near Seattle, WA and I'm willing to drive out a...
  7. Cincy_Chickens

    Frizzled Eggs

    Hi, I am new to this site. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. Currently I am trying to hatch some of my own eggs. Both parents are tiny. They are the two birds on the left in the picture. The hen is frizzled and my rooster is an Old English Bantam. I am curious what are the odds that I get more...
  8. tinydinos

    Is this a Prolapse?

    I have a three year old Old English Bantam hen - the photo of her I've attached is for reference but not from today - who started laying again last week after a several month pause. Her last egg was the day before yesterday and was intact but had a rough shell. Yesterday she went into her...
  9. E

    Can anyone help identify these bantams?

    Hi there. I've hatched bantam chicks from eggs from random breeds; could you help me identify them? I've included numbers to help, the picture on the left is when they were less than a week old and on the right at a month old. The black one has feathers that spread outwards. I am also unsure of...
  10. R

    HELP - Rescued Bantam, Flock Introduction

    Hi Backyard Chicken Raisers - So I have a small flock of 4 hens - two australorps, one rhode island, and one barred rock here in Central PA! A friend of ours had two small hens show up in their yard last spring and none of their neighbors claimed them. They had been putting some food out for...
  11. G

    New Here!

    Hey Everyone! I’m new to the Backyard Chickens community! I have been reading information on these forums for a few years now and it has been very helpful. We are a small, hobby farm in the Deep South. We started our homestead about 5 years ago with 6 chickens. We’ll be getting a whole new crew...
  12. B

    Can I introduce Bantams to a normal sized rooster?

    Hi! I just recently finished building a couple coops and purchased my first pair of chickens. The rooster is half Easter Egger and half Copper Maran, the hen is a silkie. They’ve been with me for about a week and are already quite comfortable with me. They get along very well and eat from my...
  13. LizzzyJo

    Choose my bantam chicks for me!!! 😃🎊

    Hi BYC!! I will be ordering bantam day old pullets from Meyer (local for me 🙃) and I would love your input! I will probably get 4. I am not a bantam expert, so I need help! 1. I currently have all social/docile breeds and no rooster. 2.They will NOT have supplemental heat or light and I live...
  14. Lenny in the tall grass

    Lenny in the tall grass

    Young easter egger bantam cockerel in the grass
  15. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  16. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  17. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  18. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  19. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  20. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

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