1. Adil_Ali

    Bantam cochin fertility issues

    I bought a trio of bantam cochin chickens. And the hens are laying eggs, and I have hatched a few of their eggs in the past (6), but the fertility is extremely low. Their age is about 3 years, and I feel like the problem isn't with the age, I think they face difficulty in mating. The male does...
  2. S

    Black chicken with yellow/gold on neck

    Over the years my chicken flock at my parents’ house has become quite mixed. But lately I’ve noticed that there are quite a few bantam hens that look like this one. This one is by far the nicest though. She is very pretty 🙂 She looks like a bantam wyandotte to me, but I don’t really know. I’ve...
  3. Cannibal

    ISO Bantam Chick/Pullet WA

    I'm looking to buy one female bantam to equal out my flock. Not looking for any bantam in particular just any kind ^^ I'm located near Seattle and I am more than happy to drive out a couple hours to pick up! Let me know if you have any peeps you're looking to rehome or part with!!
  4. tinydinos

    Rooster rough breathing, painful pooping

    My 3 year old Japanese bantam rooster presented with a limp about a month ago, right around when the weather turned cold and wet. I brought him inside, found when bathing his undercarriage in an effort to find the (invisible) source of the limp that he had a breast blister which looked painful...
  5. DavisHenitentiary

    ISO Bantam hatching eggs! Ameraucana and Welsumer ☺️

    Hello all! I am looking for hatching eggs to grow my flock. I am interested in bantam Ameraucana and Bantam Welsumers. I can pickup within two hours of 39465, Petal MS, or I’m open to having them shipped ☺️ Please help!!
  6. jcamacho

    ISO Fertile Chicken Eggs

    Hello everyone! I am looking to buy fertile chicken eggs for my incubator. The breeds I'm interested in are BB Red OEGB, Sebright Bantams, and/or Marans. If anyone has any they'd be willing to sell, please don't hesitate to reach out! Thank you!
  7. S

    ( Chicago IL ) - Silver Sebright Bantam for sale

    Silver Sebright Bantam for sale. The chicken is healthy, fed organic feed & is free range. Age: Will be 1 year old on 12/30/21. Location: 5 to 10 minutes near Chicago O'hare airport. Send me your offers.
  8. F

    Florida Keys: 2 young bantam roosters looking for a good home

    Neighbours moved away and left these two here. They've been living in an empty lot across the street. I want to re-home them before my other neighbor shoots them. Any advice appreciated.
  9. E

    Bantam Gapeworm or something else

    Hi everyone- I tried to diagnose this on my own based on past threads but coming up empty. Bantam hen started “gaping” with closing eyes and a little head shaking. I isolated her, and she isn’t improving but isn’t worsening. All I have given her is electrolytes, ACV, and grit with food. She is...
  10. Mr Oviraptor

    How Do I Introduce Rooster Together?

    Hi I have a Old English Game Rooster Bantam in a pen with several Hens and I have another Old English Game Bantam In a separate pen by himself, How do I introduce that lonely Rooster to the flock?
  11. Adil_Ali

    Will a 3-4 year old hen lay eggs?

    I have been offered a trio of white Cochins. They are from an amazing bloodline. However their age concerns me. They have 2019 rings on them. That means they were hatched in 2019. It’s been a few years since that time and just wanted to know if the hens will lay well. I’ll be attaching some...
  12. Oldegarlicshnapp

    Time lapse for my first mini hen

    She was a silver little ball among a cluster of yellow chicks : ^) Raising her has always been special. Even when I thought it’d be too much work to enjoy, it was always fun She’s such a unique little character. I can never get upset with her, cause I understand that little temper she’s had...
  13. corvid


    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I've been around chickens since as long as I can remember! (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I have 10 chickens right now. (Planning to get more after winter) (3) What breeds do you have? 3 barred rocks, 4 black sex...
  14. Kirmi8

    Bantam sneezes

    So we’ve been having incredibly mild weather for this time of year and freezing and thawing continuously so my coop has been a mess. I was hoping to wait until we froze for good to do a deep clean and have it good for winter, but alas I ended up just cleaning it a couple days ago. For the last...
  15. TheChickenEnthusiast

    When is a Barred Rock Hen Fully Grown?

    I know that it can take up to a year for hens to fully grow…But I was curious if my breeder bought Barred Rock Hens (born in June 2021) will be smaller than my TSC Barred Rock Hen (born in April 2021)? My TSC hen is very large, and her tail is almost completely upright. My breeder bought hen...
  16. Father Time closeup portrait

    Father Time closeup portrait

  17. Father Time

    Father Time

  18. Shirley and smartweed

    Shirley and smartweed

  19. Shirley and smartweed

    Shirley and smartweed

  20. G

    Bantams 12-13 weeks—all pullets?

    Okay! Here’s my hopefully all-pullet bantam flock. 1) Mille fluer d’uccle 2) Green queen Easter egger 3) porcelain duccle 4) barred rock 5) buff Brahma I can get better and more specific pics.
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