1. L

    I cant help it...

    I'd it possible to train a bantam to do things small birds/parrots would do? Just like come to me. Give affection. Perch on my finger and stuff like that? I have the cutest little Dutch bantam who is super friendly. And I wanna train her in some way.... any suggestions?
  2. KCkitten05

    Please help identify this bantam

    Hey y'all! I'm completely stumped on what breed he might be. He's a bantam that I picked up at Atwoods. Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. BugsToBirds

    Identifying bantam chicks

    I'm pretty new to raising chickens and got six chicks from Tractor Supply a while ago, but two of the chicks aren't growing as fast as the others. They seem to be austrlorps, while the other four should be barred rocks and california greys, and I was wondering if they could be bantams, slow...
  4. KikiDeAnime

    He tried to mate my hand! Hahaha

    Our 17 week old cockerel named Little Man walked over while I was cleaning stuff up on the ground of their yard and tried to mate with my hand :lau I immediately "pecked him" with my other hand and he let go before running over to his "mother", Mouse, who also pecked him :lol: Luckily he didn't...
  5. madelyn13

    Trying to start my first flock!

    Hello! My fiancé and I recently decided to get some chickens for the first time. We’re all set with supplies, a coop, etc. We know what breeds we like and city ordinance says we can’t have roosters. The only ones I’ve found that meet our needs are from Craigslist...
  6. B

    8 week chick- toes curled leg/foot twisted, joint swollen, can't walk well- help!

    I incubated several of my Mille Fleur d'Uccle's eggs and Chester is the only one that hatched. She is 8 weeks old now. She was born with twisted toes and has always had trouble walking and we tried to correct them with tape and cardboard but it seemed like it was doing more harm than good so we...
  7. B

    Bantam Chicken breed recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a good bantam breed of chicken that would be a good seller at a fair or show?
  8. K

    Bantam hen has sharp stick stuck in crop

    Hi, I have a Pekin Bantam hen who is about 18 months old. Today I noticed that she has something that feels like a long sharp stick stuck horizontally in her crop. She doesn’t seem to be behaving any differently than usual, and she’s eating and drinking just fine. Haven’t noticed any...
  9. M

    What breed of bantam??

    Hello! I am new to raising chickens. I got 10 pullet chicks on April 5th. I chose 10 different breeds to see if I formed a preference for any. I let my kids pick them and of course they went for the smallest ones. I believe we ended up with a bantam by mistake which quickly became one of our...
  10. Ohiki


    The Ohiki are very round and broad most of all at the shoulders. The breed is very proud and elegant a males stand with his breast out and head held high. They look much like a clean short legged long-tailed Cochin bantam. They have willow colored legs and white earlobes and lay eggs of an...
  11. S

    Regular size chickens with bantams in same run.

    Hello all, I have about 18 regular size chickens in our run but want to add bantams to our flock for my son for 4H. Is there a ratio we should have bantams vs regular to keep them from getting picked on because they are smaller?
  12. dirkapitation

    whats this little fella

    this is the only photo i have of her her name is exponent she still sort of peeps despite being a little over twenty weeks black with brown markings dark gray skin long tail bantam she likes it when i play mean green mother from outer space from little shop of horrors
  13. dirkapitation

    my beautiful baby boy snickles will occasionally roll his head back when he crows

    he has a rooster collar on if i take it off my mom will have him turned into a nugget and a half is this normal is he just acting real funky is something wrong im worried
  14. dirkapitation

    her name is pants because it looks like she has pants

    light brown black and white spots "pants" leg feathers fluffy cheeks she probably started laying she enjoys kraft mac and cheese
  15. boggart

    2 Assorted Bantam Chicks

    Both of these chicks are from Atwood’s. I have a possible idea about what breed Boisdarc might be (D’uccle?) but I really don’t seem to have a clue about Mimosa.. I was thinking Faverolles, but she only has 4 toes!
  16. KikiDeAnime

    Bantam Polish Cockerel (WA State)

    Our 12 week old Buff Laced Polish named Red Hawk needs to find his new home. He hasn't started crowing yet but I'm sure he will when he's a little older. When he was 5 weeks old, I saw a growing comb underneath his head feathers so he's definitely a cockerel :) The females in the group still...
  17. Verbon30

    Ameraucana bantum

    Are Americana bantum true Americana or Easter Eggers Americana?
  18. ecb4156

    Old English bantam laying blue eggs?

    So my old English bantam started laying. She’s the only bantam other than roosters and she is laying blue eggs.. I’ve looked it up and I can’t find anything on it. What could be the cause of this?
  19. J

    Looking for Buff Bantam Silkies in Maryland

    Hi! I'm looking for buff-colored bantam silkies here in Maryland. Does anyone know of any breeders, farms, or have chicks/pullets for sale in the state? Cheers, ~Jess
  20. S

    Unknown Bantam

    This is Horseradish! When I was getting feed for my chicks coming through the mail I couldn't resist getting two more at the feed store. He was simply marked as "bantam." I also am not sure how old he is. At the very least, probably 13 weeks. What breed is my little roo?
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