1. T

    Iso bantams or small breeds

    Hi we recently rescued a silver seabright rooster and our hens want nothing to do with him and im sure he would enjoy his own flock looking to get him some mates
  2. Cannibal

    ISO Bantam Cochin Chicken

    Hi! Super new to the forums here ^^" I was wondering if there was anyone in the Seattle area that has any Bantam Cochin Chicks for sale. I would opt for hatching eggs and hatch them myself but I can't find any farms that would take the extra hens/roos if I were to hatch too many. I would be...
  3. P

    Belgian d'Uccle X (and a Pekin!) - colour and sex?

    Hi there! We've got a number of d'Uccle Cross chicks hatched, and I'm terrible at sexing them. Their father is a purebred Porcelain d'Uccle, and their mums (1 frizzle, 1 smooth) are Japanese Bantam x d'Uccle (though, not sure how much d'Uccle since their legs are nearly feather-less!) I've...
  4. TopazMaster91

    [Integration] Apparently my three older pullets are savage?!

    So, I have three pullets, ages are around 9-10 months old. They are the following breeds: Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, Cream Legbar. For the first 8-9 months of their lives, they were alone, happily cohabiting a crappy pre-fab coop from tractor supply (note: new BIG coop is almost built!). They...
  5. Alderidgefarm

    Does my rooster have fowl pox?

    pictured here is a two year old Chinese Phoenix roo and I just bought him Sorta dark out when I got him so I didn’t notice the spots until after Is it fowl pox? Why is one of his waddles like white on the side there? Any help appreciated first time owner of this breed, pictured in holding kennel...
  6. kcan2

    The Pancake Predator

    I thought the best way to introduce myself and how I came to be here might be through this letter I wrote to some interested family members. :) To Whom It May Concern, It might be of interest to you that over the course of the summer, through no initiative of my own, I joined the ranks of...
  7. LunaMarieWolf

    Laying rate of bantam hens?

    I recently got some bantam hens from my uncle who had to sell his flock. I got these hens: silver sebright, splash silkie, and an easter egger. I was wanting to know the possible laying rates of these girls, but in roughly eggs per day, not eggs per year.
  8. ChickChic00

    Silver Duckwing Old English Bantam Rooster X Self Blue Bantam Hen

    Wanted to know if anyone has bred silver duckwing bantam rooster and self blue hen together, what would they look like. Any pictures? Any help is appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
  9. ChickChic00

    Partridge Cochin Bantam Colors

    Wanted to know when partridge cochin bantam chicks get rooster coloring. I have 9 and they are 2 months old. I would really like if we had at least one rooster. But I think they are all hens.
  10. Laker Chicks

    1 week old chicks! Silkie? Ayam cemani? Cochin?

    My daughter's high school biology class hatched chicks last week and my daughter brought 4 of them home for me to keep. I'm wondering what breeds these might be? I realize that they may be mixed. One of them is tiny and has 5 toes, I'm thinking it's a silkie. The all black one has a black...
  11. S

    Hooked Beak?

    Hello, anyone tell me if this beak is hooked? She is a new addition to the flock and seems a little longer than our other bantams. She can eat greens well but not sure about seed and grit. Is it too long and should I trim? Thankyou!
  12. MROO

    Critically Endangered Nankin Bantams - RARE & HTF

    Add Some Endangered History to Your Flock! Rose Comb Nankins: I currently have four RC Nankin Bantam roosters in need of their own harems. They are one and two years old, well past the young hormonal craziness! Two have been used in classroom Breed Conservation talks and will walk on a leash...
  13. WallyBirdie

    Bantam Challenges Cat?

    My cat has been good about leaving my chickens alone. But today, my little bantam fanned out her tail (like a turkey!) and chased my cat halfway across the yard! Do chickens do this often? The tail-fanning?
  14. Potsmama

    Winterizing my bantam coop

    i only have two bantams in this beautiful cedar coop and I’m concerned about keeping them warm through the cold BC Winters. It’s can reach -20 in late jan-early feb. I’m building a leanto shed over it and tacking up some old blankets around it to insulate it. Do our guys have any other ideas...
  15. purpletiger

    Depluming mites! Please help! Confused with what treatment to use.

    Hello everyone! I noticed that the feathers on my birds have become raggedy at the ends with some horizontal lines on the wing and tail feathers. I'm thinking they have a case of depluming mites. I plan on cleaning out the coop and spraying everything down with permethrin. My bantam cochin's...
  16. AnnaCK

    Leg Problem - D’Uccle Chick :(

    Hi All! I’m hoping to get some insight on an issue I’m having with my 5 week old D’Uccle Bantam chick. We ordered her from MyPetChicken and she arrived with a funky leg.. I thought/hoped it would work itself out. My husband took her to the vet today (wish i hadn’t been at work and had been...
  17. Chicken-Keeping Tips for City Slickers

    Chicken-Keeping Tips for City Slickers

    Those of us new to chickens and living on small city lots aren’t able to follow a lot of traditional chicken-keeping practices. Full time free-ranging is out, for one, and all the advantages that it offers. So are the benefits of keeping a rooster to guard and guide the flock. And we generally...
  18. WallyBirdie

    Bantam Eggs

    I hope I never get tired... of harvesting those itty bitty eggs! -My first year with bantam chickens... The eggs are so tiny! It's adorable!
  19. C

    ISO New Jersey Home for Bantam Silky Rooster

    Hi! One of our chick hens turned out to be a rooster. Unfortunately, our town does not allow us to keep roosters so we need to find him a new home. Cotton swab currently lives with 2 hens and 3 ducks, is used to our cat, who roams and "herds" the flock with him. Cotton Swab is about 8 months...
  20. L

    I cant help it...

    I'd it possible to train a bantam to do things small birds/parrots would do? Just like come to me. Give affection. Perch on my finger and stuff like that? I have the cutest little Dutch bantam who is super friendly. And I wanna train her in some way.... any suggestions?
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