1. A

    Free Bantam Roosters San Diego Area

    Free bantam roosters to good home! 5 available. All are silkie x belgian d'uccle and came from a black silkie rooster and belgian d'uccle hen (my bad luck all roosters!). 3 months old. Fully grown, but still very small. They have been kept together in their own flock and handled frequently, so...
  2. Fluffy Lambs

    cuteness vs. cuteness

    I can not decide who who is cuter, bantam cochin or d'uccle. What is your opinion? This is only about their cuteness, not their personality or anything else.
  3. F

    Free Barbu d'Uccle Bantam Cockerels

    Got 2 cute Barbu d'Uccle bantam cockerels (young roosters) that are just over 3 months old, that I purchased with a variety of bantam straight run chicks from a Texas hatchery. One d'Uccle is a golden neck (though he looks white) and one is a mille fleur. All were vacinnated for Merek's at the...
  4. RayrayB

    Sexing D'uccles

    Hi guys! I'm new to d'uccles and am trying to learn a little more about them. Any tricks to sexing them other than comb development? I have two babies that I got that appear to have some age difference between them, but also significant difference in comb size. I'm honestly not even sure how old...
  5. Tawoodard

    D'uccle chicks.. What color is this?

    Hey! I have a few of these d'uccle bantams and I have no idea what color they are! Can someone please enlighten me, I would appreciate it! 😘
  6. HMulvey227

    D'Uccle Chicks or Eggs

    I am on the hunt for good quality D'Uccles! Any breeders out there? Need to ship to NH 😊
  7. AngBantamLuv

    What do you see on Mars?

    I see a D'uccle hopping over a silkie, who is sitting on a tree stump 🤔
  8. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  9. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  10. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  11. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  12. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  13. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  14. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  15. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  16. KateJ75

    D'Uccle Color Help

    I've been playing around with crossing some Porcelain and Mille Fleur and ended up with these little roos that seem to be a slightly diluted Mille Fleur with a full, black hood. What would you even call this pattern/color? And what does it say about the genetics of the parents?
  17. cleoandtheflock

    surprise fertilized eggs!

    I have 12 fertilized bantam eggs that I don't know what to do with. I recently built a raised duck pool for my ducks, and there is a very nice bantam egg laying nest under it I discovered a few weeks ago and I found 2 broodies under it. I removed the eggs and the broodies stopped sitting there...
  18. H

    Sickly chick and trouble with crop not emptying

    I have six 1.5 week old d’Uccle chicks. I bought them from the feed store at 1 day old. They're on straw for substrate and eating medicated chick food made into wet mash. Most of them seem very robust and their crops get full and empty pretty normally. I’ve noticed a few gag every once in a...
  19. raeanne

    Reddish bantams feathering with more colors?

    I got these bantams at TS, straight run. Came with D’Uccle porcelain. Thought maybe Mille Fleur ? I feel two are roosters now and one pulley- pullet mostly red and roos have black coming in too. Baby pic and now at 4 solid weeks . Guesses?
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