1. yenkia

    ANY ideas? Porcelain D’uccles

    I cannot keep cockerels! I only have two chicks so I’m hoping there is at least one pullet. They are coming up on 3 weeks. I know that is too early but any suspicions are appreciated. I tell them apart with the colors on their head. It’s just watered down food coloring and will grow out with...
  2. S

    NorCal: 2 sweet bantam, 6-mo old roos - Belgian D'Uccle, bearded and feathered feet

    2 Belgium D’uccle Roosters: Mille Fleur / Lavender Gray Colors Two delightful little roosters, about 6 months old, no spurs yet. They are a fancy, sought-after bantam breed - Belgium D'uccles! One is colored Mille Fleur and the other is a Lavender Gray - both unique feather patterns/colors. This...
  3. aziegler17

    3 months old now!

    I had one of my D'uccles turn out to be a roo. He started crowing recently. This is my other D'uccle who hasn't started crowing and I am wondering if she may actually be a hen? Just wanted some other opinions! The feathers I thought were saddle feathers are actually coming off and being...
  4. aziegler17

    Mille Fleur D'uccle Bantam Roo

    About 3 months old Very friendly Will eat out of your hand and will let you hold him Hes crowing and I cannot keep him where I am located. Toledo OH Hes free to a good home
  5. aziegler17

    Sexing Mille Fleur D'uccles

    Goodmorning! I am a new chicken owner as of this year. We have a tiny little backyard flock of 3. I have two Mille Fleur D'uccles that I have been watching to see if they are Roo's or Pullet's. I'd love some feedback! First two pictures are #1 Last two pictures are #2 Chicken #1 is very...
  6. AJ916

    Ideal Poultry Bantams

    Just placed an order at Ideal Poultry, I’ve ordered once from them before but it was YEARS ago maybe in 2014. My orders due to ship 08/09 so I’m excited to hear from people about their experiences with Ideal nowadays! My first ever order from them I ordered 8 assorted bantams and received 20...
  7. AJ916

    d’Uccle crossing genetics?

    I’m the first to admit I’m SUCH a newbie when it comes to the genetics of the color varieties of d’Uccles, but I’m wanting to learn more as i have some color variations I’m wanting to breed one day and I’m hoping to have a better understanding of what exactly I’ll be producing by doing so! So...
  8. Mldavidson13

    Possible D’uccles?

    Got these as part of the bantam assortment at TSC, but I’m not sure what they are. Hatched 3/1, feathered feet. 4 toes. Chick 1, who I think is a rooster
  9. SeaClucks

    Are these both porcelain d'uccles?

    Hello! I just picked up these two. I'm unfamiliar with d'uccle colors and I'm not sure if this is just variation within the color or if the one without grey spots is a different color variety? Thanks for the help.
  10. Anime2lover

    Half blind chicken reintegration??

    Recently I found one of my d'uccle banty hens with a pretty bad eye infection and treated her with eye medication and antibiotic. Her eye improved to the point where she can open it mostly with ease and theirs no more puss coming from it. But it is faded and there is no reaction from that side...
  11. SeaClucks

    Between breeding a porcelain, a mille fleur, and a black mottled d'uccle which color would be dominant?

    I would love to learn more about color genetics and have had a hard time narrowing down info. If I crossed my black mottled d'uccle hen with a porcelain rooster, what would the chick's color likely be? What about a mille fleur x black mottled? Thanks in advance!
  12. M

    Who laid this tiny egg?

    There was a teeny tiny egg in the coop this morning! All our birds are young and we only have one bird, an Ameraucana, who’s been laying for about a week. Her first egg was 33 grams and her third/most recent is 41g. The tiny egg is 9 grams!!! It’s smaller than a quail egg! This egg is brown...
  13. A

    Free Bantam Roosters San Diego Area

    Free bantam roosters to good home! 5 available. All are silkie x belgian d'uccle and came from a black silkie rooster and belgian d'uccle hen (my bad luck all roosters!). 3 months old. Fully grown, but still very small. They have been kept together in their own flock and handled frequently, so...
  14. Fluffy Lambs

    cuteness vs. cuteness

    I can not decide who who is cuter, bantam cochin or d'uccle. What is your opinion? This is only about their cuteness, not their personality or anything else.
  15. F

    Free Barbu d'Uccle Bantam Cockerels

    Got 2 cute Barbu d'Uccle bantam cockerels (young roosters) that are just over 3 months old, that I purchased with a variety of bantam straight run chicks from a Texas hatchery. One d'Uccle is a golden neck (though he looks white) and one is a mille fleur. All were vacinnated for Merek's at the...
  16. RayrayB

    Sexing D'uccles

    Hi guys! I'm new to d'uccles and am trying to learn a little more about them. Any tricks to sexing them other than comb development? I have two babies that I got that appear to have some age difference between them, but also significant difference in comb size. I'm honestly not even sure how old...
  17. Tawoodard

    D'uccle chicks.. What color is this?

    Hey! I have a few of these d'uccle bantams and I have no idea what color they are! Can someone please enlighten me, I would appreciate it! 😘
  18. HMulvey227

    D'Uccle Chicks or Eggs

    I am on the hunt for good quality D'Uccles! Any breeders out there? Need to ship to NH 😊
  19. AngBantamLuv

    What do you see on Mars?

    I see a D'uccle hopping over a silkie, who is sitting on a tree stump 🤔
  20. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

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