1. KateJ75

    D'Uccle Color Help

    I've been playing around with crossing some Porcelain and Mille Fleur and ended up with these little roos that seem to be a slightly diluted Mille Fleur with a full, black hood. What would you even call this pattern/color? And what does it say about the genetics of the parents?
  2. cleoandtheflock

    surprise fertilized eggs!

    I have 12 fertilized bantam eggs that I don't know what to do with. I recently built a raised duck pool for my ducks, and there is a very nice bantam egg laying nest under it I discovered a few weeks ago and I found 2 broodies under it. I removed the eggs and the broodies stopped sitting there...
  3. H

    Sickly chick and trouble with crop not emptying

    I have six 1.5 week old d’Uccle chicks. I bought them from the feed store at 1 day old. They're on straw for substrate and eating medicated chick food made into wet mash. Most of them seem very robust and their crops get full and empty pretty normally. I’ve noticed a few gag every once in a...
  4. raeanne

    Reddish bantams feathering with more colors?

    I got these bantams at TS, straight run. Came with D’Uccle porcelain. Thought maybe Mille Fleur ? I feel two are roosters now and one pulley- pullet mostly red and roos have black coming in too. Baby pic and now at 4 solid weeks . Guesses?
  5. AngBantamLuv

    D'Uccle or bantam cochin or ??

    I got 3 - 3 day old silkie chicks from the pet/poultry store. The girl assisting me was talking over the phone to figure out how to identify them out of the mix of 100 crazy chicks running around! So between the two of us, we found 2 that are definitely silkies (black feet, 5 fluffy toes...
  6. Shadowisp911

    What gender is this porcelain D'uccle?

    I have a 1 week old porcelain D'uccle and I was wondering what gender it is. I will try and post new pics every week. One day old. (Sorry I only got two pics of it on day one) One week old: This chick is my little fighter, first to wiggle, first to pip, and first to hatch. It is my only...
  7. Takeylla

    Looking for bantam d’Uccle chicks or pullets

    I’m looking for these, and they have been hard to find where I am in South Carolina
  8. Trimurtisan

    Having fun making designer bantams.

    Greetings folks! The point of this project is to make a cute and marketable bantam crossbred designer chicken. Something I can learn from, enjoy doing, and hopefully sell some to help with the feed bill. The birds being used are a frizzle Dun Barred Cochin bantam male over Mille Fleur d'Uccle...
  9. P

    Belgian d'Uccle X (and a Pekin!) - colour and sex?

    Hi there! We've got a number of d'Uccle Cross chicks hatched, and I'm terrible at sexing them. Their father is a purebred Porcelain d'Uccle, and their mums (1 frizzle, 1 smooth) are Japanese Bantam x d'Uccle (though, not sure how much d'Uccle since their legs are nearly feather-less!) I've...
  10. kcan2

    The Pancake Predator

    I thought the best way to introduce myself and how I came to be here might be through this letter I wrote to some interested family members. :) To Whom It May Concern, It might be of interest to you that over the course of the summer, through no initiative of my own, I joined the ranks of...
  11. kcan2

    Bachelor rooster

    Hello all, I have always wanted chickens but in August one came from across the street to find me! Thanks to all of the helpful posts on this board, I was able to identify him as a porcelain d'uccle (rooster, I think?). Since buying him, I have been patting myself on the back for his improved...
  12. RainForestBird

    Hatching Eggs Serama, Porcelain D'Uccle, D'Anver, Ancona & Australian Spotted Duck

    I have the following hatching eggs available, all are tested for fertility at least twice a month: Serama (smooth feathered) $35 / doz. Porcelain D'Uccle $35 / doz. Porcelain Booted Bantam $35 / doz. Quail D'Anver $35 / doz. Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben $30 / doz. Japanese Bantam &...
  13. J

    Can feathered feet affect perch balance?

    I have a 14 month old d'uccle that refuses to roost on a perch at night and prefers to sit on the roof of the hen house. Not a problem over summer but I dont want her out at night as winter approaches. I have noticed that when I put her on the perch she will often try to turn around and is very...
  14. Cyprus

    Almost 4 years of work went into this

    I've probably just about run this to it's death, but as a good number of you may know I raise and breed D'Uccles. Or, at least I have been trying so very hard. I bought my first trio almost 4 years ago (4/15/15). One female died for unknown reasons. The male had a heart attack. I got two new...
  15. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Privet hatchery mixed chicks

    So these are from a feaathered leg collection. Im thinking they are different duccles and brahmas but wondering if anyone thinks any are cochins, besides the obvious frizzle in the group. I think they are mostly porcelain duccles because, they have puffy cheeks, do cochin chicks have puffy...
  16. purpletiger

    Please Help Treat my little D'uccle! Puncture wound from Hawk!

    Hi everyone! My sweet little D'uccle named LeeLoo was attacked by a red-tailed hawk while i was putting up an extension cord to add a heat to keep the chickens water from freezing. The hawk was no more than five feet away from me when it attacked! I ran the hawk off and was able to save her! I...
  17. CacklingRanch

    Cackling Ranch: Hatching Eggs Thread

    Current eggs available are out of my 2018** pullets: Older hens have stopped for the season.** Flock is PT/AI clean - NPIP has been sent off and is pending. Accidentally let it lapse. Fertility is guaranteed. Hatching is not. Once the eggs leave my property it is up to the post office to get...
  18. C

    D'Uccle hen feathers curling

    I have a six month old mottle D'uccle hen who started laying about a month ago. In the past couple of weeks her feathers have begun curling all over her back. She's on layer pellets and scratch grains. My other D'uccle is starting to have her feathers curl slightly too. They are also penned with...
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