1. purpletiger

    Mottled Cochin Gender?

    Hi everyone! I bought four bantams. Pretty sure the two d'uccles and the easter egger are pullets. But I'm a little confused about the mottled cochin. It's about 6 weeks old. Any guesses on his/her gender? There has been some comb growth and it looks kinda reddish. It's more red when it's...
  2. K_Elise

    Worried about week and a half old chick

    I just got 6 chicks that are a week to week and a half. One of my D'uccle chicks, oldest of my chicks, is more lethargic than the others and does not seem to peep. She does eat and drink. Her breathing seems a little heavy to me. Not gasping for air or anything. This morning 5 of the chicks were...
  3. ADHarder01

    Porcelain is a hen or a rooster?

    I just brought these home...excuse how filthy and beat up they look, I haven't had a chance to bathe them yet and they were in crowded pen...they are supposed to both be porcelain d'uccle hens but after a better look I realized one is a booted and the other a d'uccle, and I noticed the booted...
  4. Cyprus

    Are D'Uccles more fragile?

    Hello friends! :) I got into the D'Uccle breed about 2 years ago now. I started off with a trio; one rooster and two hens. About 1 year after I bought them, I lost my top hen. Wanting more breeders, I bought two straight run chicks. 1 male, 1 female as it turned out. 3.5 months later and I lose...
  5. tuesday2000

    Hola to my fellow Chicken Lovers

    I'm Christy, living in South Florida. I fell in love with chickens 3 years ago when I got a part time job with a mobile petting zoo. My favorite girl was a d'Uccle named Spot. Over a few months she would lay an egg during a birthday party. I was just screwing around and kept taking them...
  6. B

    Something is wrong with my chick

    Guys something is definitely wrong with one of my 6-day-old babies. Please read this all the way through, and anyone who has experienced this with their chicks or knows maybe what's wrong, please reply ASAP. So, when we got our chicks, the two D'uccles were a little messy. A simple case of...
  7. B

    Recurring Pasty butt?? Please help

    I'm really worried about one of my new D'uccle chicks. We've raised plenty of chicks, and I've had my fair share of pasty butt. We always treat it the same way, and it usually works just fine. But Marguerite (my porcelain baby) has been having pasty butt over and over and over. We clean her off...
  8. MROO

    Pink or Blue? Bantam Genders - Pic Heavy

    Hi All, We have a batch of bantam chicks that we've just moved outside to the Halfway-House - Halfway between hatching and the coop! We're newbies, so we're just guessing on genders, so I figured it would be a good idea to ask the BYC community for a little assistance. The pics aren't the best...
  9. Mobilelyn

    Porcelain D'Uccle pair

    Approximately 1.5 weeks. Minimum purchase was 4, but I only have room for 2. 5$ for the pair. Located in 07853.
  10. keithandeve

    Puller or Roo?

    Hello! This is my 3 week old Self Blue d'Uccle Storm! I don't see much on line about the Self Blues so I was hoping someone here knows a little bit about sexing this cutie T IA
  11. Theladiesandagentleman

    Sexing my Golden Neck D'uccle

    Will Daisy be able to keep her name? She is our four-week old D'uccle. I hope the photos might point someone in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any educated guesses.
  12. Theladiesandagentleman


    My little ladies have not been interested in treats. After many attempts I finally got them to have some plain yogurt today, after sprinkling some Scratch and Peck herbs on top. Nutritious, messy and entertaining!
  13. Theladiesandagentleman

    Egg and herb Saturday brunch

    This is the first day they would eat anything other than their starter feed.
  14. Theladiesandagentleman

    Talk about.... Chick music

    Are any of you playing music for your chicks? Soothing nighttime compositions or upbeat playtime tunes? Do you find yourself singing to them when you tuck them in at night? I thought it might be fun to share your recommendations. My little Daisy D'uccle finally made it up onto the roost swing...
  15. Silkie_Mom

    New Chicken Mom from Arizona

    Hello! I'm Crystal from the scorching hot desert that is Arizona. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and his chickens. I'm so in love with them! It's been about a week so far. We have about 20 older chickens of various breeds (Jersey Giant, Silkies, Marans, Minorcas, D'Uccle, etc.), 25 four...
  16. B

    Millie roo and two bantam brahma hens in need of new home Sonoma County CA

    Hello, unfortunately I have to get rehome my small flock due to a noise complaint. There is a d'uccle Mille fleur rooster who is very sweet and comes to his name Freckles, and loves and protects his two girls. The smallest hen, a dark bantam brahma, Stuffers is the matriarch and smallest of the...
  17. Windus

    Mottled d'Uccle

    Anyone have Mottled d'Uccle chicks or hatching eggs? Ended up with one hen by accident and I just love her and her personality, would like to have a few more
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