1. Feathers & Friends

    SURPRISE CHICK mayham!!!

    I am new to true blues! They are simaler to easter eggers/americaunas, etc. in the sense that they come in many colors and variations. I purchased them from McMurray hatchery. I narrowed down my mystery chick down to one of these three....Can you help me? Which 2 are true blues and which one is...
  2. orloffer

    What are these insect(?) eggs?

    These round, white eggs appeared on my window a couple days ago. At least, I am assuming they are eggs. :confused: Does anyone know what they are from or what they will hatch into? They are very tiny (each less than a millimetre), and there are 47 of them. Here is the best picture I could get of...
  3. Lexi108

    Rooster Identification

    I’ve had this boy for over two years now. I believed he was perhaps a Faverolle for the longest time but he doesn’t have the extra toe. What do you think he could be? A Faverolle or something else? His name is Crowe. He’s the sweetest thing. Never pecked or flogged us or my one year old. Never...
  4. C

    Buff Orpington 6 weeks old - female or male

    Hello everyone, I have 6 week old buff Orpingtons and when I bought them they are supposed to be pullets however this is my first time raising chickens and I want to confirm if they are actually female. Pictures: 1) 2) 3) 4)
  5. Weetamoo93

    What do you use to ID your birds in a flock?

    I have the Zip wing bands on my seven birds and think I'll add adjustable leg bands for an easier ID; those wing bands are pretty hard to read on a fully feathered bird. Additionally, I'm stamping the year into my leg band for an easier time aging. I'm thinking of using toe punches or different...
  6. DoubleBarrelChick

    Ducking Breed Help?

    We got 4 ducks from TS and they don't know breeds I would love help if anyone know. 1 is brown colored with darker brown feet tail and a mohawk I'm kind of stumbled by this one. 1 black and yellow with white butt (my guess was black Swedish). 2 yellow with pink feet and beaks (my guess was pekin).
  7. nicolecordes

    Breed help?!

    Received the brown egg layer bundle from McMurray and need help identifying the breeds. They are 5 weeks on Tuesday. Three of the chicks don't match any others, so I'm wondering if I got a few different exotics plus the brown egg layers. These pics are the three that aren't like any others. 1...
  8. P

    One Rooster...TWO Roosters?!

    Hi friends, so today marks 13 weeks of our 6 chicken flock. We have 2 of each breed: Olive Egger, Black Laced Red Wyandotte and Blue Plymouth Rock. Chico, BPR roo has been crowing since about 6-7 weeks. We have one neighbor who is not too happy and complained, all the other neighbors think he’s...
  9. M

    Identify help

    We have 5 little ducklings. The yellow one is a pekin, we hatched her ourselves. According to the person we got them from, the other yellow and 2 darks are anconas. She said the odd duck out was supposed to be a ancona, but she thinks may be a silver appleyard. Anyone more familiar with these...
  10. D

    My first Chicks

    i Have 4 chickens that I brought as eggs from ebay. I now have 4 different looking chicks and I would love to know what breeds they are to properly take care off them. any help grateful
  11. KateEllensHens

    What kind of bantams are these ??

    Hello eveyone :) i purchased three bantam chicks a while ago and i am having a hard time sexing and identifying them. The seller said the were “yard bantam crosses” Im hoping they are all pullets. They are about 5 or 6 weeks old i believe. There is one that seems to be a barred bantam, one that...
  12. A

    Black orphington? Australorp? Batman?

    My bird is almost 12 weeks old. Black with a blue green sheen to its feathers. Black legs. No real tail growth. Quiet and keeps to itself. What is it? And please tell me it's a pullet? I'm practically running a bachelor pad right now 🙄
  13. C

    Need help Identifying chicks

    Hi! I’m pretty new to raising chicks. I got a few from tractor supply about two weeks back. I know what some are but then there’s these one which I’m not 100% about. Especially the one with the crazy feathers going everywhere
  14. Henrybelle

    Chick breeds?

    I know we get a bunch of these every day and I never thought I’d be one of them but I need some help identifying these new chicks. I went to the store to get some gate hinges and came out with three chicks, the girl working seemed like she was having trouble identifying them and they were the...
  15. B

    Help with These Two Chicks

    I was wondering if you all could help me identify these two 3 week old chicks. Possibly welsummer for this one? Not sure for this one. At the very top of her head there is a slight reddish/brownish tint to the feathers.
  16. C

    Need Help Identifying 1 Chicken

    Shortly after purchasing our 8 chicks, I lost the little slip of paper in which I wrote down the specific breeds we purchased. Alas, I am unable to find this breed anywhere online using images. Thankfully I can easily tell what the other two breeds areI (we own 8 total). Please help! (This one...
  17. KellynBakes

    Identify that chick!

    Help! This sweet babe is about two weeks old (?) and I bought her as an Asian Black pullet. Thoughts on that identification being true? Looks nothing like the other Asian Black pullet I bought.
  18. C

    What kind of bantams do I have?!?!

    Hi! I’m looking for help identifying my assorted bantams. here’s my thoughts... Chick #1 - 4 weeks old. Solid White Old English Game Bantam? Roo or Hen? Chick #2 - 1 week old I believe. Mille Fleur D’Uccle?.... or at least I hope.... bc of the dots on wings and the super feathery feet...? We...
  19. rp riley

    Duckling Identification

    I got these ducks from a farm store but they said they had no idea what they were. Does anyone know????
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