1. M

    Identifying Duck approx 7 weeks

    I can identify all of my ducklings aside one. Here are some *low quality* pictures. Please let me know if you have an idea what it is. I think we know what it could be bc of what we ordered but we received extra ducklings and lost 2 one of which we are unsure what it was. But wanted to see if...
  2. M

    New Babies from local auction- please help us ID.

    I think one is a lavender cochin bantam and the other might be some kind of orpington? I was under the impression both were hens. Thoughts?? I can try and get better pics in the light tomorrow. We are just going home from the auction.
  3. mypoorducky

    What breed of duck was my duckling?

    Hello everyone! A few days ago I lost my first duckling, and I am getting very sentimental for it. Could anyone help me find out what breed it was? It had black feathers on top, with yellow feathers on the neck, belly, and tail. It had a pinkish beak and orange feet. Below is a picture of my...
  4. M

    Identifying 3 week old ducklings.

    We received ducklings 3 weeks ago. We ordered 1 of each of the following: Mallard Rouen Buff Golden 300 Runner (fawn and white) Runner (blue) Welsh harlequin Welsh harlequin (only male we ordered) Saxony Silver Appleyard We received 12 ducks however, they did mark we had an extra blue runner...
  5. tinyqueen

    What breed is this rooster?

    Hi! My husband and I are looking for a dual purpose rooster for our flock.. found this handsome guy on Craigslist but I’m not sure what breed he is. The owner said “I think blue rock something?” Can anyone confirm or deny or ID this rooster? Want to make sure he would be a good candidate for...
  6. DuckDuckJuice

    Duck Identification

    Need help identifying a duck in a picture sent by a friend. She just moved to Texas and her neighbors have pet ducks. Some of the breeds I saw in the photos were Black Swedish, Muscovy, Rouen, Khaki Campbell, and Magpie, as well as a few geese. The last photo she sent was one I’d never seen...
  7. D

    Mystery Chick?

    This chick came from the hatchery mixed in with the Isa Browns. She’s the only one that looks like this, and I have trouble identifying her due to her leg color being more grey, not yellow like most brown chick identification charts ive seen! She’s 2 weeks old now! The pictures are of her from...
  8. meepANDpeep

    Can Someone Help Me Identify this Bantam Hen

    Hi, I bought what were supposed to be silkie/cochin mix eggs off ebay. The people I got them from have lots of other types of chickens, though, too. What hatched out was a tiny chick that grew into a very tiny, feisty, genius bird. She's smaller than my silkies, the smartest bird I have. The...
  9. W

    Identification help

    Hello! I just got this little flock from some folks who couldn't care for them anymore, and I'm trying to ID breeds/ crosses. I know there are 3 Pekin, one pure looking black Indian runner, and the Muscovys, but I'm not sure on the black and white ones. I suspect the larger ones are...
  10. N


    A group of 4 of these recently showed up at the pond where I’ve been watching a bunch of mallard type duck families grow this season. Their bodies and beaks are very small/short in comparison to the mallards and there appears to be some red either in their eyes or immediately surrounding them...
  11. MysteryChicken

    Help Identify Bolete Mushroom?

    Excuse me if this is the wrong Forum. I found this bolete, & need help identifying. Pores are white, slowly bruises brown, stalk seems hollow, & has netting on the stalk. Cap is a brown color.
  12. RosyChickens

    Whose Egg's

    Hey there I know the brown ones are my Golden Sex Link and they are a good size egg (like the ones from the store - for size reference) the two in the middle I believe are from my two Wyandottes (one silver and one gold laced) But the last little egg, any ideas if it is from a bantam cochin...
  13. Haykayla

    Free rooster but what breed is he?

    The owner didn't pay attn to the signs at the farm store I guess. She doesn't know what kind he is, but we'd like to give him a flock of his own if he is a suitable breed.
  14. E

    Roo or pullet?

  15. SunnySideSilkies

    Silkie Color Variations

    So I have some chicks that I do not know what color they would be classified under. My adults are pretty simple (for the most part) I have 1 pure white hen, 1 solid buff, 3 solid jet black, 1 light buff kinda partridge with grey undertones (chewpekka), 1 darker buff partridge again with less...
  16. K

    Is this roundworms?

    I have 3, 12 week old wyandottes that I got a few weeks ago. Today I noticed that one of them had some funky looking poop. Is this roundworms? It wasn't spread out like that at first, it was all a solid clump but I was curious and spread it out with a stick. I've never seen poop like this with...
  17. E

    What kind of ducklings are these?

    Any idea what these are? Specifically the one with white I think they are some sort of mix but not sure of what.
  18. H

    Please help Identify and Sex these sweet birds

    Hi, I picked up 6 lovely bantam chicks as a mother's day gift from my husband but we have no idea what breed they are, how old they are, or what sex they are (although I think they are all pullets). I have attached a few pictures. They are all the same breed I think. Two of them have legs...
  19. H

    Newbie, need help with identification

    Hello Chicken Friends, I grew up around the chicken industry, my dad still has a commercial farm, but unlike most, his farm is clean and his birds are happy and healthy. My family and I got a few Bantams to raise as pets, but since they came from a store that had no idea on their...
  20. Dan nich

    Got the kids classroom chicks any idea?

    So I gave them a home what breeds do you see if possible?
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