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  1. DuckWhisperer06

    What plant/flower is this???

    Stumbled upon this while out in the corn. Stands about 3ft tall. Anybody know what it is?
  2. Kezzahh

    Polish chicken sex identification help please

    Hi so I have these Polish chickens and have just read that it's easier to tell the sex based on the head fluff shape before they get their feathers. So I'm going to share some one day old images in the hope that some one with some experience might spot some clues. Pullets or Cochins? There are 4...
  3. nicoleee

    Help identify this snake?

    I stepped outside in the front porch and found this little guy slithering around. I can tell it’s not venomous or bad but I just wanted to know what type of snake it is? Does it pose a threat to my chickens? I have 3 very small hens (one is about the size of a pigeon). I got a few pics of him...
  4. L

    What color is my chicken?

    Can someone one identify what color this chicken's feathers would be classified as? He/She is either an Easter Egger or Olive Egger, but I have never seen a color pattern quite like it.
  5. J

    What breed and gender are these chicks?

    Hi all, Long-time reader, first time poster here. A colleague dropped off these four chicks indicating they were silkies. I only see that trait in their furry feet. Speaking of which 4 not 5 toes on these. I'm told there were picked up from TSC about 6 weeks ago. I see TSC has mixed silkie...
  6. Dfarago

    Identify chicks. Rhode Island Reds??

    My neighbors chicken “disappeared” a few weeks ago. She reappeared a few days ago with twelve chicks. My husband and I have been taking about getting chickens but nowhere near us is able to sell. (California Poultry ban. We are outside the quarantine zone. But everywhere that would sell can’t)...
  7. ChemicalchiCkns

    It is a Goose

    of un known origine.
  8. LunaMarieWolf

    Mystery chickens?

    I need help identifying these chickens. The darker brownish red one I got as a "sex-link" from my local Atwoods, and the 3 brighter redish orange chickens I got from a friend. I just want to know what breed they are.
  9. Mid-Atlantic Coop

    White Pullet 1 Month Old - Like to Identify the Breed

    This cute little white pullet was sent to me as a day old chick as a Jubilee Orpington. When her wings did not change colors I realized she must be another breed. Would love your help identifying her. She was born April 15th (a month old). These are from different angles, different light...
  10. ChickenMamaSarah

    Bantam Bin Mystery Chicks

    We had a bad hatch this year under a new broody hen so after only ending up with two chicks I went to the local feed store to see what they had. I ended up coming home with 12 chicks: one naked neck, 3 crested chicks, and 8 random bantams. The feed store gets all their chicks from Ideal...
  11. K

    Hen or Rooster Identification?!?

    Hi guys! I’m a newbie chick raiser and I’m wondering if you can tell whether this Golden Laced Wyandotte chick will be a hen or rooster (in the last 3 pictures). I ordered all hens, but am secretly hoping for a rooster. The comb is MUCH bigger than the others (easter egger and exchequer leghorn...
  12. PlumParadise

    Identify mystery chicks

    So I recently received my Meyer Hatchery order which included a Meyer meal maker and 2 rare assorted...so 3 mystery chicks. I identified one right away as silver laced Wyandotte as I am familiar with those. The other 2 I am not sure. I'd love some help .The blue chick has dark legs but pink...
  13. S

    Help me identify the breed of my duckling

    Hi everyone! I just got a baby duckling from a friend of the family... but im not sure what the breed is and i would love to know. Any guesses are appreciated Thanks :)
  14. Icantraisechickenshelp

    Need help identifying week old chicks

    The title explains it
  15. LunaMarieWolf

    Breed/Gender of chickens?

    I hatched 3 chicks out and they aee now growing into lovely chickens. I also received 3 older chicks from a lady I trade eggs with. I was wondering if anyone could identify the red chickens the lady gave me? Just a note, the 3 Barred Rock looking chickens are the 3 I hatched out. I am still...
  16. Kcentritto

    What kind of chicks?

    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum because I just became a chicky momma a couple weeks ago. I am trying to figure out what kind of chicks I have. These poor little babies were left for dead in a parking lot near me and I decided to take them in. The two look to be the same breed, and then the...
  17. ChickenCrazy93

    Marking Chicks

    How does everyone mark or tag their chicks? I would like to identify chicks in some way so I can pick traits I like and so on. What methods work best?
  18. nowlifehappens

    What do we have here?!

    Chick 1 Chick 1 Chick 2 Chick 2 So we are starting our flock all over again thanks to a bear attack we had about a year and a half ago. It took me a while to get over all the hard work we had put in to raising our chicks to adults and then have it all be wiped away in one night. Now that we...
  19. J

    Can you tell me what breed of rooster I have?

    Can anyone please tell me what breed my rooster is?
  20. Ranchwithaview

    Please help me identify my frizzled rooster.

    He has mostly black feathers, but the ones on his neck are white close to his skin. The woman I purchased him from couldn't remember what types the man she bought him from was breeding. His "brother" has some Copper Maran, but other than both having black feathers and legs they look nothing...
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