1. rp riley


    I have two ducklings I got from Atwoods, they are dark brown with a yellow chest, black bill and feet. Does anyone know what species they are???
  2. Duck Diva

    Ancona duckling hatched completely yellow, now changing color?

    I’ve seen from other posts that it is possible for anconas to be completely white. Here is my question: What is going on with this duckling? Totally yellow when hatched,? Now feathering out darker from the tail forward. Is this a mutation or normal color Background information: parents are...
  3. zydrate

    what breed ducklings are these?

    I bought three ducklings at TSC and no idea what they are. the mostly brown one I assume is probably a khaki Campbell, and the black and yellow is maybe a black swedish? but I'm not sure what the brown and yellow could be, are there brown swedish ducks? it's not of huge importance to know, I've...
  4. T

    I Need Help Figuring Out What Breed My Rooster Is He Is Bantam Sized

    I Need Help I Don't Have A Clue What My Rooster Is I Adopted Last Week He Is Bantam Sized
  5. K

    Can you identify this bantam baby?

    I bought two little black chicks at TS they came from the bantam bin and I have no idea what they are. They are super sweet and friendly. Any ideas?
  6. J

    Please help identify my bantams

    The black one has White on his head and his feathers are coming in white and black striped. The one with a poof on his head I can’t find anything like him. The grey/blue one is tiny along with my yellow one. The white one with its feathers sticking up is very rambunctious lol.
  7. Jerinthefarmer

    Americauna and silkie chicks or??

    Hello everyone! I’m trying my hand at a few new breeds that I’m not familiar with. I bought silkies from a local breeder, half turned out to be crested polish mixed. There is one still in question! I cannot tell what she is. She’s supposed to be pure silkie but she just doesn’t look like it! I...
  8. B

    Help identifying Bantam chicks

    Hi all! We have 4 Dominique Chicks, 2 Cochins, and these two random Bantams. Help identifying them? Thanks! (There are two different bantams here) one is darker and fluffier and one is smaller and has a reddish head)
  9. BabyAndPoki

    What Breed Is This?

    My chicks finished hatching a day ago and this little chonker is definitely a polish mix (my rooster is a Silver Laced Polish) but I have no idea who their mama is! They hatched out of a jumbo light brown egg, and have a single comb! No extra toes/feathered legs. My Austra White is the most...
  10. Age-of-Goositude

    Duckling Identification Charts

    I saw allot of people having trouble identifying their ducklings so I am making these to help, more will slowly be added as I go through them feel free to ask about other breeds or tag the charts with the breed of ducklings are on them to help others, feel free to add info and make suggestions I...
  11. A

    What kind of gamefowl hen do I have?

    I received a game hen from my neighbor who moved and could not take the hen with him to his new house due to HOA, I’m not sure what breed she is and all he told me was that it was a brown game hen. I googled it and could not find anything on that, but I could it be a Kelso, Albany, or even a...
  12. M

    chickens in the canal

    so i just found some breeds of chickens and roosters that i found around the canal in the neighborhood in Miami where my dad's house is and i don't know any of them, is it okay that i need to get help to ID these canal and neighborhood dwelling chickens
  13. Ashleygc470

    Ma gifted me Bantams

    I know I have 2 Hens and 4 Roosters. Can someone specifically identify my new beauties? Breed and color patterns? Is there anything special I need to do with them or are they just typical backyard chicken maintenance? I have them in the same pen as my Rhode Island Reds. I have 5 Hens and 2 Roos...
  14. roamingchickies

    Need help identifying the breeds of these pretty roosters

    Hi, All! I have some roosters that I've quarantined over the past weekend on account of needing to decide whether to sell for breed, or butcher. They're pretty birds, but they're lousy hen-keepers! They peck the hens away from the feed and essentially bogart any food they come across. I have...
  15. lovingwell

    No longer empty nesters, but who’s in the nest?

    Hi all, first time we’ve ordered instead of buying whatever TSC has in store. I wanted a few choice breeds but also some adventure in some. So can you help me ID them. I’ve provided multiple poses to help. Of course I know the 2 I chose (4th photo) but not sure about the grab bag ones/(assorted...
  16. AndreaBonnett

    Help identify ducklings please.

    We just got two adorable little additions to our flock and we are not sure what they are. I just can't wait to see what they turn out to be! Anyone have any idea what they are? The one with the dark beak has black fluff under it's yellow fluff and the underside of it's beak is half black and...
  17. dirkapitation

    whats this little fella

    this is the only photo i have of her her name is exponent she still sort of peeps despite being a little over twenty weeks black with brown markings dark gray skin long tail bantam she likes it when i play mean green mother from outer space from little shop of horrors
  18. Sam307

    What breed is my chicken?

    In April I had bought what I thought were two white leghorns at TSC but this last week one started laying eggs and it for sure laid a brown egg because I witnessed it happen and it's the only one laying in my flock of six. They are about 18 or 19 weeks old, tell me what you think they might be...
  19. LunaMarieWolf

    Help with identifying female chicks?!

    I just recived some chicks from My Pet Chicken. My sister wanted some "mystery chicks" so I got 2 random females from a Rare Breed assortment. I need help figuring out what chicks these are!! This is quoted from My Pet Chicken site "Your assortment is likely to be drawn from the following...
  20. Frizzle Chicken

    Chicken Identification

    I need help figuring out what in the world this thing is. I had originally assumed him to be a Wheaten Ameracauna, but he doesn't have any tuft/beard and his feather pattern isn't right. It's possible he's a mutt, we got him at an auction, but I wanted to see if maybe his breed just wasn't in...
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