identify bantam chick

  1. J

    Can you help me ID these birds? 🐥🐣🐔

    Hello lovely chicken community!!! Can anyone help me identify these two birds? Not sure what breed/gender they are. All I know is that they are 5 week old Bantams. Roos or hens? 🙈 Thank you for all your help!
  2. MelBrown13

    Bantam Breed Help, please!

    I've probably spent over 10hrs pouring over the internet trying to figure out what sort of bantams I received 3 weeks ago from Privett Hatchery. I've sorted out the Silkies and Polish Crested, but that's the extent of my "expertise". I need help, please!!! I asked Privett when ordering what...
  3. S

    Don’t let the fox win

    Hello all, Yesterday I woke up to the worst news a chicken owner can receive - a fox made a meal from 4 out of my 6 chickens. I was devastated and am having trouble moving on. I just set up the coop and moved them outside about a week ago. I blame myself for letting them out too early in the...
  4. A

    Help! New chick mom.. straight run mix

    I'm a chicken newbie and bought 5 straight run chicks off a local farmer. They are 8 weeks old. Are they ready to go outside if I have a well protected coop and run? Any idea on breeds and gender? I'm assuming I have at least 1 Roo.. how many hens should I have per roo to keep everyone happy...
  5. Snowingamanda

    Hi, can the guru of backyard chickens help ID these chicks?

    Hi, 2-4 weeks ago my 7-yo daughter and I bought these baby chicks at a tractor supply. My daughter is very good at taking care of them (she is a proficient helper!), and we’ve only lost one yesterday (a sibling of #19) to a hawk attack... My daughter keeps asking me to post chick pictures here...
  6. ChickenMamaSarah

    Bantam Bin Mystery Chicks

    We had a bad hatch this year under a new broody hen so after only ending up with two chicks I went to the local feed store to see what they had. I ended up coming home with 12 chicks: one naked neck, 3 crested chicks, and 8 random bantams. The feed store gets all their chicks from Ideal...
  7. freezerpops

    Wondering what these 5 bantams are??

    These gals are about 3.5 months old, from Atwoods, st run bantams. I am pretty confident they are all pullets. I would love to know what breeds they are though?? I am having a hard time finding a good bantam breed identification source online. Thanks in advance! #1 has clean, yellow legs, no...
  8. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Help identify this mystifying chick please!

    This little chick started out slow, much slower than the others, got him in a mixed batch of bantams at tractor supply, when his friends outgrew him I put him in with the younger bantams I had bought, then he quickly flourished and all of a sudden was huge! So maybe the other birds had been...
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