2011 Show Results

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  1. catwalk
    2011 show results
    Southeast Poultry Breeders Association, Marietta Ohio, March 26, 2011
    SCNA - Show Champ, Luna, score 82 Show Reserve, Marbles, score 77
    ABA - RB, Luna

    Green River Poultry Club, Brownsville KY, April 16, 2011
    SCNA - Show reserve, Luna, score75
    ABA - BB, Luna RB, Avagna

    Dayton Fancy Feathers, Greenville OH, April 23,2011
    SCNA - outshown by some very nice birds
    ABA - Reserve AOC, Luna

    Southern Ohio Poultry Show, Lucasville OH, May 28, 2011
    SCNA - Show Champ, Luna, score 77 Champion Pair, Cannonball and Luna, scores 83 and 77, respectively
    ABA - bupkus

    White River, Spencer IN, September 3, 2011
    SCNA - Show Reserve, Avagna, score 73
    ABA - not even on the scorecard!

    Central Indiana Poultry Show, Lebanon IN, Oct 15, 2011
    SCNA - no official TT judge
    ABA - Best AOV, Avagna. We asked the ABA judge (Matt Lahmon) to choose the best bird overall, for SCNA points, and he chose Avagna.

    Crossroads of America National Show, Indianapolis IN, Oct 28-30, 2011
    SCNA - Show Champ, Dolce, score 80
    ABA - the judge didn't like anything I had

    Ohio Nationals, Columbus OH, Nov 12-13
    SCNA - Show Champ, Dolce, score 77
    ABA - only the whites were judged​

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  1. pluck
    i was at the show in ohio with some seramas in the jr divsion dont know if i meet you went so i could ask ed mongold what to sell and what to breed been in them for 2 years now not good with this web site it my take a while to figure it out our roo went res champ have to look at his score right behind the goodwins

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