I can NOT believe that I have been a chicken mom for 3 weeks now! It has been a crazy journey so far. They are getting their feathers and their personalitys are really showing. Unfourtunately, the pecking order battle is in full swing, and there's nothing I can do about it... I'm pretty sure that the roo is winning. He seems to be a jerk right now. I hope he doesn't stay that way. I literally picked him up after he attacked the RIR and said to him "Listen kid, if you stay this way when your older we WILL kick you out. So get it together." He didn't listen.... I felt really crazy at that point. Good thing no one was there.
At night I go in there and just sit in the corner and watch their little antics. They attempt to roost in my knee but can't really make it that high, so they usually settle for my feet. I try to catch them to lift them to their original destination, but they run away screaming. The EE's seem to be the most people friendly. The RIR and Domonique are complete freaks when you try to catch them. My original favorite EE is a peace bird. I haven't seen her fight once, and she seems pretty high on the pecking order. Sensing herself valued, has "Little Girl" bagun to value herself? I like to think that. She still reigns as my favorite bird.
"Little Roo" already seems to be strutting around as if he owns the place. It brings back fond memorys of my Domonique roo Big guy from last summer. The feathers on little roos wings already give you the vision of his older, very beautiful self. I get the feeling he will be absalutely gorgeous.
The coons around here are still in my nightmares. I saw one on my half mile drive way the other night, and my thoughts went to my little helpless chicks, even though I knew the door was closed. My dog is very protective over them. I think that he senses how much they mean to me. My worry, however, is that he wont be able to sense a coon (or skunk) in the coop, because it is a good hundred feet away, and Rex hasnt been able to even detect the rabbit that sits under our porch every night, even when he is dozing directly above it...
I still am obsessed with them, the novelty has not worn off. I dont think it ever will.
Here are some pictures:



They seem to be trying to roost on anything higher than ground level, so I put a branch in there. They have just discovered it and seem to be happy with it.

And now for some personal portraits. They were very hard to take as these chicks are constant motion machines:

An EE. For some reason this girl seems to be the largest of them all. She is a sweethreat but can be mean to the other chickens.



"Little Girl" the EE. I know it is a dumb name, but it is only temporary. She is Little Roos best buddy, and probably my favorite chick.



Domonique. She was the first one to try to roost. On my knee. She likes to climb in my lap and sleep when I sit in their pen, but she is extremely difficult to catch for some reason. She and the RIR are best buddies.



Rhode Island Red. Definitely not the prettiest chick, but shes pretty nice. She is one of the smallest, and the other chicks of course pick on her. She, like the domonique, is extremely hard to catch. She is starting to get her red feathers they are a very pretty color.



Brown EE girl. SHe was almost bitten by a snake. Scared the crap out of me, but shes just fine. And she is very pretty. She is probably the sweetest of all the EE's. As a matter of fact, as I type this very minute she is sleeping on my lap. So cute. My neighbor saw her and started calling her Paco. Then my cousin came over and called her Bean. For now, she is "Pacobean" Tell me what you think :)



"Omelet" my brothers BO chick. He hardly spends any time with her and when hes in the coop, he seems to pick up every chick but her. I feel bad. I think he has not fallen for these babies like I have. She is a sweet heart though, and her color is very pretty.



"Little Roo" the EE. He is already a pretty bird. I love him very much.