My New Flock :D
Today (18-6-10) I went to a feed store in a town around 30 miles away. At around 8:30 AM, I and my dad started the ride home with a small cardboard box on my lap. Inside the box were 7 brand new day-old little chicks! My new little flock consists of 4 EE's (1 roo, 3 hens) 1 Buff Orphington, 1 Domonique, and 1 RIR. My original plan was to get 3 EE's and a Silver Laced Wyandotte, but I forgot to order the wyandotte, so my dad picked out a RIR from a bunch of extras. The feed store owner reccomended that I get an extra, so I got another EE.
When we got home, I feared that we lost the roo and an EE, but I dipped their beaks in water and they perked right up. After recovering from a long ride home, the chicks were full of energy and ready to run and play. They are very entertaining, and the RIR already loves people. I hope she will stay that way.
I took many many pics and just now I finally figured out how to get them on here. Enjoy!

The box they came in, must have been uncomfotable...


The "Grainery" came with the house when my family bought it. We have turned it into a chicken coop. I know it might look bad, but dont worry, its only temporary. :)


Domonique Chick such a Cutie and shes already beautiful :)


Buff Orphington, will be my 11 year old brothers chicken... WHAT?! HES NAMING HER OMELET?! Oh what a shame...


Our "extra" EE


Another EE, she enjoys trying to eat the other chicks feet...


Yet another EE


Our EE Roo :)
The cutest pic, I gotta say.


EE roo from the front. He has like this red paint on his face or sumthin, it's cute tho. :)


All the EE's together! They already have their "Ear Muffs" Veryyy cute :)