Welcome to Fluffy Butts Farms!


A little bit about me & my Chix:
I began with the love and expectation of only raising Seramas. I had been researching small chickens and found that they were the SMALLEST Chicken and the #1 pet in Malaysia. They are very bright birds and there are thousands of color varieties. At the time I was researching them, I had found that they didn't breed true in color and that every hatch would be a surprise. I was excited about having pet Seramas following me around like puppies! I began w/ 4 gorgeous birds from a local breeder (N. Central Florida): 2 tiny Mille Fleur Hens, a young pumpkin cockerel and a BEAUTIFUL Rainbow Rooster. They were my first but I have hatched MANY since and most of my Seramas now are their offspring!
I have since fallen in love with many different varieties of chickens. It began around fall of last year, when eggs were harder to get and my incubator sat empty for 2 weeks too long. Onto BYC I went searching for hatchable eggs ... eggs of birds I thought were just TOO DARNED CUTE to pass up! Sizzles, Frizzles, Silkies, and Marans.
My new breeding program is Sizzeramas (sizzle/seramas). I will keep you updated as I can.
After attending the Lake City Poultry show this year (2009), I found a friend who had been breeding Marans for a couple of years. Oddly enough he had ALSO begun a breeding program of Seramas down at his Miami farm. His goal was to breed true and ONLY breed for TINY light colored Seramas. When I found out, I said, "Good luck-you can't breed them true." He has proved me wrong. He began w/ birds purchased from Jerry Schexnayder in LA. I was, of course, in AWE because I had read great things on the internet about Jerry's Seramas. Since he has achieved his goal, many of his Seramas from the beginning, are now for sale.
My friend spoiled me with 3 TINY white Silkie Seramas and a few eggs, (of which I hatched another pure white silkie Serama Roo)