Sonny & Cher's BABIES!
Their finally here!
Sonny ~ Lemon Blue Cochin Roo - 4th Generation straight feathered Sizzle
Cher ~ 4th generation black Sizzle

The story:
Russia (the white silkie) went broody. She was laying on about 5 eggs. After about 7 days, I found that for some reason, there were a few more eggs rolling out from under her. I had seen the little millefleur seramas (male & female) flying up to her nesting box. But I thought they were just curious little buggers because Russia wasn't coming out to bathe with them.
NOT! They were laying eggs in her box, and she was shoving them under her! I candled, marked and left all that fit, underneath her. I had to remove 5 and put them in the bator because they were already developing. I blocked off her pen so the little seramas couldn't get to her. At the time, she shared the pen with Sonny & Cher. They were a trio and Cher was just about 5 mos. old and they got a long great.
Little did I know that CHER was LAYING! Another 7 (or so) days pass by and voila! MORE eggs spilling out from under Russia. I was looking all over for how the seramas were sneaking in. I had seen them pacing back and forth outside the pen, desperate to get in. There is NO WAY they could get in that pen (chain link dog kennel).
So, I candled again. This time I pulled out 12 eggs, leaving Russia w/ 5. I could only assume they were Sonny & Cher's. Lo & Behold, a week or so later, and SEVERAL staggered hatches, out pop, lavender, & blue sizzles, and baby Seramas galore.
Along w/ Pudgie (black silkie) & Blue's (blue Sizzle w/ 2 white feathers on each foot!) babies that I was testing fertility on in the bator, I am left with over 30 Sizzles, Silkies, Cochins and Seramas.
All of my chicks are for sale! Make an offer... NO REASONABLE OFFER WILL BE REFUSED!





Blue & Pudgie's Love Affair
Blue~ 5th Generation Blue sizzle
Pudgie~ 5th Generation black sizzle w/ Silkie Feathers

I bought Blue & Pudgie at 5 days old. They were my very first poultry OTHER THAN Seramas. My white silkie, Russia, was 5 weeks at the time and she was their babysitter. Cleo (Serama millefluer w/ Egyptian eyes) was born alone, so she joined Blue, Pudgie and Russia in the brooder.
My brooder for these guys (being a little larger than seramas) was specially made out of a cheap plastic Kitty Litter bin. Because it was a kitty litter bin, the front had a flap for the cat to come and go in peace and privacy. I took the flap off, so that birds had better circulation.
My brooders are in the dining room right next to the kitchen. Every time I worked in the kitchen, Blue would cackle at me, and I'd see this little bit of sizzle head poking up through the brooder door. He would just stare and cackle at me through that door! Soon, Russia was too old to be in the brooder any more, so she went outside, leaving Blue, Pudgie, and Cleo in the brooder.
They soon transferred out to the coop, themselves in their own little pen. When I would go out, I'd sit with them, and Cleo would fly over to my lap, and Blue would pull on my pant legs and cackle, begging me to pick him up, too. That's all he wanted, just to sit on my lap. No treats, no nothing. Just love. Now that he and Pudgie are in a run by themselves, he cackles ONLY for her. The run lid is lifted, and he's cackling letting her know that something good is coming.
He is always by her side and is the first to let the whole yard know when a butterfly is flying over!
The other day, I let them out of the run as a little treat. I had just removed a BIG bale of straw from my car and it was sitting outside of their tractor/run. You'd have thought I placed the largest treat in the world on the ground. When he saw it, his eyes widened and he cackled, and bobbed his head to get Pudgie over to see this MONSTROUS treat of nesting material. Here comes Pudgie running to see what is so great. She ran over to him, and continued to search for what he was so overjoyed about. She just didn't get it. It was insanely cute. Maybe you had to be there ;)

Needless to say, they are like an old married couple. Sweet as can be!!



This is one beautiful Pure white silkie (Russia) and her babies:

1 adopted serama, & 4 that she and a Lemon-Blue Cochin with the sizzle gene, bred. They were literally taking dust baths with her at day 3! They are adorable and approx. 3-4 weeks old, now. This picture is when they were about a week old.
Most of the chicks are shaping up to be some gorgeous lemon blue w/ white coloring. I will post newer pics soon!

They are ALL for sale - please make an offer :)

Russia hatched:



Incubator hatched: