We are now caught up to the pre dog attack.

We got 5 Bantams with the idea that they would be mama's to the babes we were getting.
So we have now 4 - 9 week olds: 2 Buff Orbingtons and 2 Barred Rocks. They are of course bigger than the Bantams. They are as tall as the older large hens.
I am working with them to be not afraid and they are lots of fun. 1 of the BO is letting me pick her up and she will get on my lap for a snack. A BR is starting to do this as well.

We then ended up with 2 Bantams raising 8 chicks. They are a hoot to watch. The Mama's are a great team. I should rent them out. LOL
These chicks are 3-4 weeks old. I am trying to work with them to not be afraid of me.
They are 2 each: Buff Orbington, Auracana, Black Sex Link, Light Brahma. They are colorful and very energetic.

Thanks for coming by!