Well it is sprinkling, I was going to get some garden in today. Maybe Friday!! So the chickies get to be cleaned and the little ones moved into the big coop. They want in there so bad! Like 6 year old's wanting to do what their teenage sibling is doing.
So here is the story from a couple of nights ago.
I went out at about 8:30 PM to close up the chickens. All the big chickens were settling down, pecking at each other for just the right spot, crawling under each other to get away from the pecking, etc. I closed their door.
The chicks, now 8 & 9 weeks old are still up and do not want to go into their separate mini-coop. They have been on their own for a a couple of weeks now. OOOO still so cute.
Welllllllll I am anxious to get back into the house to get to the program Ken and I want to watch. So I'm gently trying to get them in. At one point they were just wandering around the door to the big coop, then they were knocking on the door. So I grabbed one and thought the others would follow and get in the coop. NOT (at least she stayed in her coop)
The rest are just standing and peeping and pecking to get into the big coop, so one by one I would pick them up and carry them to their coop. They all stayed in and finally everyone was in.
Yesterday, they were all out and about in the afternoon. The big coop was empty except for one settin'. All of the babes got into the big coop and tried out everything. I could just see that younger sibling person sneaking into the older siblings room and snooping around!! What a hoot.
Well a big sister came in and OOOOOO that was not so pretty. She chased those little snot nosed chicks out. "I will have non of this!" She even checked out the food and water before exiting for greener pasture herself.
If nothing else these creatures are an never ending source of laughter and lessons of life. They may be pretty 'dumb' but oh so intelligent at the same time.
You all have a great day and enjoy the warm summer rain! At least it's not snow and cold, yes?