8 Ways To Grow A Single Chick

8 Ways to raise 1 chick/duckling/other baby fowl
By TweekTheChick · May 3, 2018 ·
  1. TweekTheChick
    When i got Bobwhite eggs ordered by mail, i was shocked to see only 1 come out.
    if you're wondering how to raise poultry single you've come to the right place!

    1. get a mirror, it shows their reflection, and in their eyes, another bird.
    2. get a plushie, it acts as the mother.
    3. turn on a video with adult bird noises (their species) to comfort them.
    4. turn on forest noises.
    5. come see and handle it every day, it gets them comfortable to humans.
    6. get some other birds such as,chicks or more quail.
    7. Give them a Heat Pad,then place it in the cage, it gives the chick something to nuzzle.
    8. put pictures of their species on the sides.
    9. my quail thought the cat was it's mother (we kept their relationship with a wall between.)

    This worked for me, hope it helps out you!

    (btw this websites great!!!)

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  1. MROO
    We raised a lone Silkie - the sole survivor of a poorly shipped batch of six. I had a gray faux fur backpack pom-pom about six inches across and about the same color and texture of a splash silkie - like our baby. I hung it just a few inches off the shavings in the corner of the large guinea pig cage that served as our solo-brooder. Irma took to her surrogate Mom-Pom like the proverbial duck-to-water, curling up under it to sleep and climbing up on "Mom's" back to look around.
    As Irma grew older (and we discovered that her name was actually "Herman,") he continued to rely on his stuffy. At nearly six months, he bats it around on it's tether and carries it everywhere whenever he can. He'll leave it inside during the day, but sleeps with it in his kennel every night. We've tried weaning him from it, but no go. Whenever it's missing, he stresses and gets visibly depressed. He even stops eating - quite a statement from our little piggy-boy!
    Nowadays, I'm constantly on the lookout for a new pom-pom. With repeated washings, his is looking more than a little bit ragged. Still, he drags it around like a toddler with a favorite toy. As long as we can keep it relatively clean, and until he's got a real, chicken-buddy, Puffy stays. ...Sigh...
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    1. TweekTheChick
      I wish you the best of luck for your silkie!
  2. N F C
    Helpful tips!
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