A few weeks ago, I noticed that, Jade's (Jersey Giant) comb and wattle were looking pale. Jade has only been laying a month, so I ignored it. Several days back I noted her making a funny sounding caw, like a barking crow. Now she is sitting on non-existant eggs. Michael and I decided to take her out of the nesting box and shoo her outside to eat. After 45 min to an hour, Jade goes back to her nest. After a few barking sounds, she seems to allow me to clean the house, while she is sitting on the nest. My thoughts about Jade's comb and wattle becoming pale, is that, it is a signal to the roo that she is no longer available for mating. Michael and I decided to let Jade's nesting behavior to run it's course and we continue to take her out once a day. Another observation, I noticed today, Ginger (Easteregger) was picking through Polly's (Cochin) chest feathers, (I assume) to find bugs?. The chest area around a chicken's neck and their face are hard to preen, by themselves. I let the little ones (6 month olds) out of their "tractor" yesterday. what fun! It took them awhile to realize the door was open. They then ran out, leaped into the air with their wings flapping (I think in delight) ah freedom. Polly and Anna ran over to protect their food dish, then each started chasing Cinnemon and Spice around the yard. Soon the Cochins tired of that game and the little ones began to assert themselves by forgaging through the weeds and other unknown territories. Soon all 7 hens (i hope Jade abbandons her nesting by then) will get to explore our yard, to our delight.